Hi all- newbie starting LipoTrim on Monday.


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Hi all- Happy New Year!
just thought I'd introduce myself!
I'm Helen, aged 31, have a 3yr old daughter, and am getting married in Orlando on August 4th.
I have to lose at least 4stone by then. I have lost 2, then put it back on, so this is a last ditch attempt to lose via LipoTrim.
I have read the entire website, watched the video, called the pharmacist and I am going in to collect all the stuff tomorrow before heading off to my parents for my last weekend of freedom!

I'm really excited actually, I really want to lose this weight. I'm unhappy with how I look, my clothes and think that if I am, then my other half must be too (even though he doesn't say it).
I want to look lovely on my wedding day, and not like a fat frump in a sack. :8855:

New Year, New Me!
Bye xxxx
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Welcome to Minimins Helen :D:D:D

How fantastic!!...a wedding in Orlando:eek::D

We have a Lipotrim section on the site if you have not seen already. Lovely to meet you and I look forward to reading about your success..xx :)


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good luck from one newbie to another. i really hope you do it.

congratulations on the wedding!!!



Team 1 all the way!
Thanks everyone! Will see you all in the forums! xx


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Welcome :welcome2:


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Hello and welcome...Good luck with your weightloss & wedding! :)


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Welcome to the forum, ya should come over to the lipotrim forum, we would love to hear from ya! There is also a bride to be section as well and we would love to hear off all your plans. Looking forward to seeing ya over there and hearing of your success, take care and all the best for your first week.


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Hi helen and welcome to the forum