Hi all, starting Lipotrim tomorrow and cant wait. x x x

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jojoknott, 30 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. jojoknott

    jojoknott Full Member

    Hello all, I'm Joanne and starting the Lipotrim diet tomorrow. Been to the chemist today and got my shakes and I just can't wait. I have heard great things about this diet and from what I read on here people are getting fab results.

    got me a ticker, lol, to keep an eye on myself, but guys all help and tips would be greatly appreciated. I can imagine the first week or two is gonna be hard going.

    I will log in every tuesday to update after being weighed and hope this is truely the one diet thats gonna do it.

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  3. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi Joanne, and welcome to the minimins forum. Good luck on LPT
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Good luck with LT

    Irene xx
  5. monique's memoirs

    monique's memoirs Full Member

    hiya i know you will do well, we are doing it together today as been hard for us both but we can do this if we want to be thin more than we need a few mins on the lips then we will do it just remember fridge pickers wear big knickers lol :happy096:
  6. new me 20009

    new me 20009 Silver Member

    hiya and welcome to the forum i hope you have a successful weight loss journey
  7. stopeating!!

    stopeating!! Member

    I am New too!

    Hi All,
    I have decided to bite the bullet and join, I have been coming on here for over a week now looking for help and support! I started Lipotrim last Wednesday, I have found it tough but can't wait for my weigh in tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!!
  8. jojoknott

    jojoknott Full Member

    Thanks guys doing really well, now on day 6..

    Thanks for your well wishes. I think I was very naive starting this diet but am so proud of myself and my step daughter for sticking to it so far.

    1. Goals to survive first week
    2. to lose a stone
    3. to get through first month
    Many more mini goals to come.

    start weight 13st 8.5lb
    goal weight 10st

  9. lyndielou

    lyndielou New Member

    me too

    :eek:started today hows it going
  10. lyndielou

    lyndielou New Member

    new and hoping I achieve

    hoping to lose all of the excess by my birthday in July started Lipo trim today [​IMG]
  11. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    How is everyone getting on ????
  12. orange-sox

    orange-sox Full Member

    Welcome :D

    Good luck getting through the first week, you can do it!! :D
  13. rix

    rix Member

    HI, I'm on day 4 now and still really wanting to get my teeth into something! But I will be fine and am looking forward to feeling a little more normal and seeing the weight drop off!
    My first weigh in will be 9 days after starting it so I'm hoping to see a big difference, let me know how you get on?!
    Love Erica. xxx
  14. kellymarie3488

    kellymarie3488 Silver Member

    Hi everyone I also started today i have about 3 stone of baby weight to shift! So far so good cant wait for first week to be over with tho! At the moment im very hungry but trying to stay away from the fridge, as im getting married.

    start weight 14.1

  15. jojoknott

    jojoknott Full Member

    Day 6 and starving starving starving. Felt really hungry today, I was feeling so bad I just went back to bed in the end. Not long got up and had last shake about 9.00pm. Feeling much better now and again i'm so proud of myself for not giving in.

    Weigh in day tuesday morning and can't wait

    1. Goals to survive first week
    2. to lose a stone
    3. to get through first month
    Many more mini goals to come.

    start weight 13st 8.5lb
    goal weight 10st


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