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  1. mellywade

    mellywade Full Member

    Hope you are all doing well on the LT plan, and looking forward to Christmas! Lost 4lbs last week, and my weigh in last night showed a 3lbs loss, bringing my total loss to 40lbs. Started my Christmas refeed today, which has been scary and exciting all rolled into one!! Bit weird finally having something to chew on, but must say I really enjoyed my chicken and salad. Yummy!

    All the best to you over the festive season, may you all have a happy New Year and come back refreshed and ready to continue with your LT journey. Enjoy!! :)
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  3. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    Melly, lots of luck with the refeed. Hope you will be able to be careful over Christmas and not go too wild on all the goodies. Happy Christmas to you and lots of luck for your restart in Jan.
  4. mellywade

    mellywade Full Member

    Hi Irish Molly, thank you so much for your reply. Am very determined to be really careful over Christmas and pull the reins in, as they say! Have been looking forward to my refeed for so long, I really don`t want to wreck all my hard work over the past 11 weeks. Have a couple of meals out that are looming, but will choose wisely and plan to have a main and dessert only, no starter. And probably no alcohol,seeing as I haven`t missed it so far! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas. :):)

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