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Hi all

Hi Lisa :D

My first day too..got more than 4 stones to loose!!!! As for water..I think I have defo had more than 2 litres already! hahahaha

Good luck and happy drinking ;)
well so far ive cleaned my house from top to bottom and organised my "junk drawer" lol then on here so no chance of cheating i know im in for a rough few days but does it really get better ?
erm yes it does lol. although I'm run down with totm today and omg the pain lol. In my experiance if you get past a week then you can do it. Just dont try kidding yourself by thinking one bit of food wont hurt.It will you'll be forever restarting ( like I used too lol)

Good job for getting rid. I make sure all the vodka was removed and everything else I loved lol

TC x
welocome and good luck! 7 stne is pittance to the CD lol dont worry - you'll have it gone in no time.
Welcome and good luck Lisa. I am on day three with Cambridge, although I did Lighter Life last year. It does get easier just keep yourself occupied and drink plenty of water. You are gonna love how this makes you feel
Hi Lisa, I'm Lisa too and I'm on day 3 and have about 5.5 stone to lose. Have to say I haven't felt too bad at all.

You're doing the right thing drinking plenty and keeping busy.

Good luck girl you can do it!
Hi Lisa!

Welcome. Good luck on your CD journey.

I'm doing prep week at the mo so will start this sat!

Do keep us posted...will be doing the same.



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Hello Lisa
7 stone .... thats ok it will be gone in months say 7 or less :)
Hi Lisa,

Like the others say - 7 stone will go in no time if you stick to it! I did it in 5 months I think then started having a wobble but back on today and know I can finish up if I stick to the plan!

Good Luck,
Kerrie x


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Hey hun. Good Luck with your cd journey! You'll have that off in no time. I'm re-starting again today so you're not alone!
Welcome and good luck with your journey, minimins is great for support so you're in the right place :)
hi guys

thanks for all your replys i know ive gotta do it this time i wanna be able to run after my 1 year old little girl ! lol going ok so far jst bloody hungry drank 3 ltrs of water x