Hi all


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Hello everybody

I am 32 and in need of losing a couple of stone. I want to lose it as im going to start my next round of ivf in jan/feb and my hubby has said this should be my last time at doing it so i want to give it the best chance i can. Also its my hubbys 30th bday in july and we are having a big party for him.

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Call me Nicky xx
Hi and welcome, Minis is a great place for support so any questions then just shout.

Good luck on the IVF front.. do you already have children or are you trying for your first? xx


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Hiya :wavey:
Welcome to mini's...good luck with your weight loss journey, have you decided what plan you are going to follow yet?
Good luck with the IVF, it can be quite a traumatic process :hug99:
Xxx Lizzie xxX


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck on your weightloss journey :) and your IVF xxx


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Welcome to minimins. Good luck on reaching your target and all the best with the ivf


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welcome to the forum and all the best with your weight loss journey, take care


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Welcome to minis and good luck with your weight loss an your IVF!!