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Hi all


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Hi Kenye,

I'm on day 3 so also new to CD. How are you finding it? This forum is amazing and I'm spending far too much time on it LOL. There are so many inspirational stories and everyone is supporting each other which is just lovely.

I found day 2 quite hard. Not because I had a headache or anything, but because I was really hungry. I think it was probably because it was the weekend. Work is so busy that Friday just flew by, but yesterday was slower and with the nice weather there was a lot of lounging around in the local park etc. Plenty of time for me to reeeaaaally feel my hunger!

Still - I survived by splitting my packs and I have woken up this morning in ketosis so am hoping things will be better from now on.

I hope your day 2 goes well - If it isn't, just remember that ketosis is just around the corner and you will feel a million times better!

Right - I'm off to pour myself a glass of water and get ready for the beach. Another day of watching everyone else eat ice cream :)


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Hi Alli,

I cant believe it am on day or should I say 5 since its past midnight.
Day 2 was really a struggle and the only thing that kept me from
slipping was by going to see my CDC. I had a chat with her and that really motivated to spur on. I keep having headaches though.

I am taking 4 packs though coz my CDC said I could could for the first few days. I think whats really helped me is the fact that I have been on night shifts for the 4 days and sleeping during the day.

Well done on getting through it! I have had an extra 1/2 pack a couple of nights when I couldn't sleep and it hasn't kicked me out of ketosis so that's good.

Hope you have a good week and a brilliant weigh in when that time comes!!


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well done!!
getting past the first three days was hard going but i am on day 6 now and its goes really fast but when i was on days 1/2 and reading all the post about how quick it goes i remember feeling that day 2/3 were dragging on but really get past day 3 and it all gets better.

so keep going your doing great xx
You all sound like your doing great so far :D well done everyone! Ive nearly finnished week 6 now and its flown by once you get the first week or two out the way ull stop struggling and you'l be into the zone so to speak lol Well done everyone :D


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Good luck with CD! The first few days are always the toughest, but the results are amazing and so motivating. Don't forget that nothing tastes as good as slim feels!!!


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Feeling quite happy day 5 is almost over. I am not feeling hungry I think am in ketosis and will stick to 3 packs from now on.

My official weigh is on wednesday but was a bit cheeky and weighed myself at work.