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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kazisindahouse, 13 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Well here I am, back again (I originally joined this forum in 2007)
    Back then I lost just short of 2 stone eventually but have managed to put it all back on again as well as I think a little more:cry:
    I need to be however a woman on a mission this time as I need an operation for health reasons and they wont do it until I loose some weight. I go back to see the specialist on the 5th November. I went to see him initially at the end of May when he told me my fate and did try to loose weight independently but I find myself in need of help!
    So ... I'm off to join Slimming World on Monday so will report on my actual start weight then but please please ... I need to do this, I know there's only me can do this but I will need hugh bucket loads of support so ask, please be there for me!! Nag me where need be :copon: Praise me (please) :) Help me when I'm down :cry:
    All help and support will be greatly received x
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  3. appleshape

    appleshape Full Member

    Welcome welcome welcome :)
    You sound really motivated and you have a brilliant reason for wanting to shift your weight, I'm sure you'll manage it. And don't worry, we'll crack the whip here if needed :whip:
  4. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Thank you
    I'm sure the whip will need cracking .... trust me!
  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Welcome back. Good luck with SW.

    Irene xx
  6. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Just had to share this ... my dear OH is going to the shop to buy cigarettes, he knows I am on here and also looking at Slimming World website and what does he ask? "Do you want a bar of chocolate".... lol ...
  7. appleshape

    appleshape Full Member

    It's not you that needs a whipping, it's him! lol
  8. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    You can do it, and will as you are so determined and really need to for health reasons.
    Don't worry, I am sure that there are many of us who have lost and put it all back. I know, I have... TWICE. SW is wonderful so you will enjoy it and watch the pounds fall off!

    PS.. a crack of the whip for your OH ;)
  9. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that SW is as easy to follow as it was the first time around but I keep hearing about food optimising? I have a feeling I'm going to be asking a lot of questions:)
    I'd better have a look around this forum at all the other things it holds.
    Are any other new members on SW?
  10. drbetteridge

    drbetteridge Full Member

    Welcome! Ask and ye shall receive. You can't help but be successful this time. Good luck.

    My husband does the same thing. I love him, but am pretty convinced he is the reason I can't stick to my diet. If I actually accept the "bad" food, he'll say "you're a little piggy tonight." Then has the nerve to pretend to be dumb-founded as to why I am so mad. Oh well, I know in the end it is down to me to succeed or fail.
  11. xmandyx

    xmandyx New Member

    kAZ. ur doin good at the moment, just by being in here helps. You need some confidance, u will be ok, if you want to chat just pm me any time. x
  12. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    I knew I had put some weight on but wasnt ready for the outcome of my first weigh in today ... 21 st 11 pounds .... like I said ... OMG!!!
    Star week next week so fingers crossed that's why I weighed more than I thought!
  13. kazisindahouse

    kazisindahouse Full Member

    Can I just ask how fattening Quorn Mini Savoury eggs are please? .... aaggh admission time - I've just ate 6 of them!
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