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Hi everyone day 1


What doesn't kill me.....
It's never a last chance Sherby! And we'll be here right along with you.

Need a hug? :needhug:

Need a smack? :copon:

Wanna chat? :blahblah:

We got you covered!

(Don't mind me, I'm a bit silly today)



in my dreams!!!!!!
good luck sherby, i've no willpower at all and can manage to stick to this one (apart from the social occasions as life is for living anyway!) and you just need to get straight back on it if you do have a blip and not give up. x

That is really good advice from SparkleWings . If you have a blip, do not beat yourself up just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track.

And remember, any loss, however small is a loss. Someone on this forum has "Slow and steady wins the race " in their signature. I tell myself that every day.

I would have it in my signature too, if I had a hope in hell of working how to do tickers or snazzy bits.:553:


What doesn't kill me.....
Rofl LR oh you sound happy, which I am so glad about. Thanks hun for the hug lol.xx

Yes, I think I might be the nut job around here. :D


Lol LR always lightens the mood!! Its a really good forum!
I've stopped s.f now and gone to weight watchers, but still keep up to date with the sf gang as its so friendly on here!
Lol.. its taken me since xmas to get one!
Hi everyone

Thanks for the lovely warm welcome. Well day one is done and I still have another shake left yet which I will have in a minute coz I am a little hungry. Just going to watch a film and it will be a late night so I am happy I have saved a shake.

I am always happy to get past day one because that is always the hardest for me.



What doesn't kill me.....
I am always happy to get past day one because that is always the hardest for me.

Really? My hardest point is week 4. I don't know, i think i just get too bored and too restricted.


I think with me it depends on how fast I can see the weight dropping off. The more weight I can see coming off the more motivated I become. I think with myself slimming world is a great plan and one that I can stick to. I know I will go back to slimming world one day but the hardest thing for me with slimming world is if you go off for one day you could end up sts on the scales. That is heartbreaking for me, especially if I have stuck to the plan all week.

With slimfast I don't feel as restricted as on other plans because you can have anything you want within reason as long as you go for the lower fat version and add it into your total daily intake.

For instance it was pancake day yesterday, which I didn't know but I was getting a little peckish whils't cooking my daughters tea so I thought what can I have that is low in calories that will do the job so I got 2 egg whites and some vanilla essence, some fry light and a teaspoon of strawberry jam and I made a sort of pancake thing. It wasn't lovely but it was edible and did the trick. My daughter then reminded me that it was pancake day so I thought oh good I have had one lol.

I hope I can get to week 4 lol.xx


What doesn't kill me.....

I think with me it depends on how fast I can see the weight dropping off.
I can completely relate. About a few years ago, I was on a low carb diet... and I lost 80 lbs in a couple of months. I was pretty cross in the beginning of the diet... but to see as much as 8-10 lbs drop off you per week was amazingly motivating.... and it made up for the fact that I was being a complete *****! :8855:

However, I do realize that slow weight loss is better for me. First.. I have alot of weight to loose, and I'm worried about excess skin. My mom reminds me that my father lost ALOT of weight after having a portion of his stomach removed (tumor)... and he was a VERY VERY big man when this happened.. and he didn't have the excess skin.. because even though the weight didn't come off because of diet.... it was slower... and therefore... his skin had time to adjust.

slower is better for your health and gives a better chance of keeping the weight off...

but what i wouldn't give to drop 20 lbs RIGHT THIS SECOND! LOL!


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