Hi Everyone....HELP!!

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Hi everyone,
Im absolutly brand spanking new to the weight watchers diet and I've been on it now for 4 days, my questions are quite a strange ones so here it goes....has anyone sufered that awful 'diet' breath? and also has anyone suffered smelly wee?
I'm so sorry if I've offended anyone with my wierd questions lol but I'm being serious. I was on the Lipotrim last year and suffered the same 2 side effects (amongst many others!!!:mad:) and I'm just desperatly hoping these two things I'm suffering at the mo are just my body adjusting to me starting the diet?? My friend is doing the diet with me also and she hasn't had none of these....help :confused:
Thanks in advance for your answers xx
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Mumma K

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I did notice a kind of wierd smell while p'ing I think it was something to do with upping the vegetable intake
I think everyone gets different symptoms and some get nothing at all
I think its pretty much just pot luck


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Drink more water. The reason you'l get the bad breath is cos ur not drinking enough and you'l find that your wee wont smell either. drink drink drink..lol.


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i know what you mean about it from lipotrim as my friends on it now and has been complaining about that... but ive never had those symptoms b4 on ww... i think Dizzy Flowers is 100% right! the more water the better! it'll definitely help with the p'ing not too sure about breath tho!! but sure wouldn't hurt to try?? xxx