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Hi Everyone

Hi Guys and Girls!

Thought I'd say a quick hello. So .... Hello.
I'm currently on weight watchers and havent had my first weigh in yet as i was ill :( Though hopefully the fluid intake has helped me to lose a few lbs! I'm keeping my fingers well and truly crossed!
I did Slimming World before and only mananged to lose 7lbs, so hope i lose more than that this time.
If anyone hany tips for me i would be very grateful :)

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Welcome! I am new today too. I am doing Scottish Slimmers with a friend. I did WW before and it is really good. Just stick with it and exercising as well as watching what you eat helps loads. I have a weight watchers cook book which is great as it tells you how many points everything is but you can find loads of ww recipes on the internet. Anyway, best of luck!
Thanks Lucy! My Aunty lost loooooads of weight on scottish slimmers, don't really know what the idea of it is, but i guess it's like WW?
I have a WW recipe book too, so am going to have a look into it and hopefully cook something on payday (magic word!)
There's loads of good ideas and recipes on here too - have you had a look?

No I haven't yet but I will now you mention it! Scottish Slimmers is kind of like ww but instead of points its checks and I have 45 a day. It probably works out the same as ww. Now you mention your Aunty's success it fills me with hope!
Yeah she lost about 5st i think, about 2 years ago...she's managed to keep it all off too! Which is the hardest bit!
Just got to kill the cravings for chocolate and the pies from the sandwich van!
he he, yeah! thats the problem. Our office cleaner makes the most fantastic cakes. She has made us an amazing looking one today and I am managing to resist so far but it looks soooooo good! I can do it! Luckily it isn't sitting in the same room as me!
Aw Thanks Margaret, I love how welcoming everyone is here...and so friendly! :)
I know the feeling! Our office is about 5 minutes walk from the supermarket.....it's constant cakes galore! Every time someone has a cup of tea it's deemed 'cake time'. It's a nightmare! I'm crossing ym fingers that they buy fruit cake from now on...somethin i don't like!
Well done! Thats brilliant. I hope you're managing to avoid those cakes at work! Today is called 'fun Friday' here and we always get croissants and scones. I asked for an apple!
Hi, thanks! I was really shocked, i didn't think i'd do that well.
My prayers were answered - my colleagues brought in fruitcake :)
Also, the smell of the hospital kitchen churning out cook-kill meals is enought to put anyone off eating for life! So hve resisted even the measliest chocolate digestive!
That's really well done! I like the looks people give you when you turn down the offer of chocolates or cakes!
I know, me too. Also I find that people always seem really eager to try and force it on you. Then cringe at the word diet. They can see fine well that I have piled on the weight so they should support me! I think sometimes it relieves their guilt if they aren't the only one eating the fatty food!
haha, yeah i think so. I know i do it, especially to my mum - who is thin, but eats what she wants. I think the key is that she stops eating when she's full. A lesson i have yet to learn - looking forward to it tho! The problem is, i sit at my desk and think i'm hungry, i'm not, i'm just bored. because when it comes to lunchtime and i go for a wander or something, i find i'm rarely hungry. There's no real way of not being bored at work - i can;t just nip home for a quick bubble bath or paint my nails. I think the NHS would frown upon it!
ha ha, yeah, perhaps! I know, I am really bad at boredom eating. I also do not know when to stop. I have started to try and eat more sensible portions too. I used to eat the same as my husband and he is 6ft and one of these people who can eat what he likes and stay skinny. So unfair!

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