hi everyone

hi everyone new to the board, i just need help at the min everything just seems to be going wrong for me, i lost my dad 3 weeks ago, and then my so called freind told me i cant be bridesmaid cus i wont fit in dress, i have been to slimming world lost 2 stone and like a fool left and put it bk on, then went to weight watches but gave up cus the lady running it was not very nice, years ago i went to rosemary which i like cus of keep fit class, so i have joined here and would like so advice as to which club every ne things is good i really need help, i have under active tyroid aswell which does not help, any way better stop going on, lisa
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Hi and welcome. So sorry to hear about your dad. Take things easy you have been through a lot.

Are you going to join a slimming club? I couldn't do it alone - no discipline

Irene xx


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i really hope you achive your goal! 2010 is a new year :D
you can do this!! i've just joinned too and this place looks really helpful best of luck xx
First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I agreee with irene, you've been through a lot so try not to put too much pressure on yourself.
As for the so called friend, she's not worth worrying baout-she was probably just worried that the slim sexy you that you'd be on her wedding day would show her up in the pics! :giggle:
Good luck with whatever plan you coose. You've been successful before and I have no doubts that you'll be successful again.