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hi everyone

Great stacey,
Are you back on ssing now?
how do i get little women pictures of my self like on staceys signature?


i love minimins me :)
glad yas are both good :)

yea back on ss yesterday, doin ok so far

i went on the model site for the pics then u have to post them in a message like this then copy n paste to ya signature, if u do a search there is a few threads about it, it took me a while lol



Strong women stay slim
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Hello Stacey , i'm feeling cold , is anyone else . How are you Stacey ?


i love minimins me :)
am freezin but not cos of cd lol, my bedroom is in the loft and my radiator is broke, my landlord cant fix it for 2 weeks so am freeeeezin!!!

and i have got a migraine today, but cant take my tablets cos they will take me out of ketosis, the only way i will feel better is too eat which i dont wanna do :(

so am jus gonna have to suffer lol



Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thats not good , you need to get some rent back from him . You must be feeling awful . Hot water bottle and take it to bed . Hope you feel much better after a sleep


i love minimins me :)

yea am all wrapped up in bed still hahhhaah, promised my oh i wud tidy today and do loads of bits and pieces but i cant be assed haha, athough he jus rang on his dinner and told me to stay in bed until i have to go to work hehe :)

sooooo tempted to eat earlier, but managed to stay focused am really impressed with myself :)

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Why do the headache tablets take you out of ketosis??? Which ones do you use??? Paracetamol or nurafen should be ok.

Drink plenty of water - and try splitting your packs, that may help.

Oh and stay cozy and warm .... it's cold here today as well.
Hi Stacey aww sorry you've got a migraine but hun if it's really a migraine you NEED to take medication if you're anything like me they dont go away and i end up vomiting from pain they shouldnt take you out of ketosis what is it you take for them if u dont mind me being nosey coz the imigran which is now available over the counter is VERY good if u dont take any migraine treatment at the mo....i have a zolmig nasal spray for mine so theres no way that can take you out ofketosis....maybe you should have a word with your doc coz i know for a fact that imigran and naramig both come in nasal sprays too failing that have some ibuprofen and co-codamol and go to bed with a cold flannel over your head in the dark!!!!
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hey all!:)
hope u r good. Stacey thats rubbish u have a headache. u should try and go for a sleep before work.
i'm feeling good today. had a bad night last night:mad: was feeling really down but i wasnt naughty, i just went to my bed and because of that im feeling a million times better today! i've been in Glasgow city centre today picking up tetras from CD and doing some shopping for Alex who I have to pick up from childminder in an hours time! he has a better wardrobe than me!!
hope u all do well today!



i love minimins me :)
I have jus took sum nurofen for now, it started last night so its wearing off now, was sick loads this morning, jus spent the night with a cold cloth on my head and it worked quite well, i jus bought sum migraleave but not sure if i can take them for ketosis, i used to take beta blockers for my migraine but havent taken them for a while

I hope it goes awy soon hun i dont see why migralieve should take you out of ketosis theyre only entericcoated to protect your stomach and stop you from being sick
you're so lucky they dont work on me anymore but i really do hope it goes away soon big big hugs xxxxxxxx oh and get more water down you i often find that helps!!!!
lolol ive never tried the water flavourings are they nice?

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