Hi everyone

Hi everyone, i am new to this site and not sure how it realy works, but i'm sure i will get to grips with it soon. I am on day5 of the CD and feel crap, i'm moody and starving. Is this normal for me to feel so miserable.... any help, advice is welcome :)
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I'm a newbie too and only on day one of my new healthier eating/I will lose weight lifestyle :D

I'm on SW so I really can't offer any advice on CD, but I do wish you luck.

I'm sure the CD forum has loads of great advice.

Good luck x


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Hi everyone,I have just started today on sw and find it hard to believe its gonna work. Will be nice to chat with others who will be going through same .


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Hi and welcome, the first 7 - 10 day's of any Low Carb diet are the hardest. Welcome and hang in there.


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Welcome to minimins and good luck on your weight loss journey


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Hello there!

im new to this site but not so new to CD, been on it 8 weeks now and already lost over 2 and a half stone so im quite pleased. lets hope the journey gets a bit easier :)



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Welcome, the first few days are the worst as your body is detoxing in a way but once ya get used to it then ya will be laughing, keep positive and dont forget to keep posting even if ya had a bad day we will help ya through it, take care