Hi from a Newbie!


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I just wanted to say Hi to you all.

I signed back up to slimming world last weekend. I have two girls, my first is a (stressful, infuriating!!!) 2 and a half year old and my second is just over 3 months.

I was disappointed to see that Slimming World has not changed much since the 1st time I tried it - the website I mean, not the diet which has a few name changes! I would have thought such a big company would have a better app for tracking food (I love My Fitness Pal). And also, no forums....what?!

I am however really glad that I have come across this forum (and I also love instagram food diaries!). Hopefully I can find time to visit! And get to know you all.

My starting weight is 17st 4lbs. My heaviest was over 19st but I managed to lose 3st....then I got pregnant and now, post pregnancy, feel worse than I did at my heaviest 😔

Thanks 😸
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Welcome Sw_mummy2girls:classic_wink:

Good to have you here and best of luck in your Slimming World journey :classic_smile:


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Welcome to Minimins! And congrats on getting into gear before you had hit yr original starting weight. Onwards and downwards....