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hi guys!!


I can do this............
Hiya ladies and gents!

Hope all is going well with all of you i am currently on my hols in lanzarote and it is hot hot hot!!!! My eating has been nothing but bad bad bad!! I am actually really feeling it to! How strange is that before i would have thought nothing of eating what i have eaten which is in reality half of what i would have eaten before i started SW! Anyway having a fantastic time but i really cant wait to get back and get started on the SW wagon again!
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I want to be fitter again
Wow!! Really envious of your weather as I sit here in Brighton shivering listening to the rain fall. When I was in Spain this year I craved fruit and had to go the supermarket and buy some melon and plums. strange how your body does know what is best for it. have a fabulous holiday xxx


I can do this............
I live about 15 mins from brighton!! How funny! I really wish i knew what to do but all those bad habits i believed had gone are back!! Plus the wine is good!! I keep telling myself it does not matter but i just feel guilty!!
Have a fab time Henna! :D
Even though what you've eaten is bad, I think it's brill that you are thinking more about what you're eating. Goes to show SW does change our habits eh?!

I'm jealous of the sun. Bring some home for us!


I can do this............
Thanls hellie was startimg to think i was getting obssessed with it not that it has actually stopped me putting it in my mouth!! I do keep saying that is 4 syns or how many syns are in that!!

I am determined to enjoy the rest of my hols and my first weigh in will be a new start weigh in!! Lets just hope its not to much damage!!

Thanks girls as ever glad i logged on!!!


I want to be fitter again
I only put on 2lbs when i was away and that was eating half board. one tip which works is use smaller plates but enjoy the choice. By the way i am probably even nearer to you as i live in Portslade !!! NEIGHBOURS??:gen144:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Enjoy your hols! You can repair any damage when you get back! ;)


Slow but sure....
Hello Henna.....Lovely to hear from you, I'm so glad that you are having a good holiday and hot weather too.

Enjoy yourself and get back on plan when you get home. X

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