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Hi I am back

Hello All,

Well this is my third attempt at CD, I done it just over a year ago and lost 1 stone then started again in March and lost about 10 pounds.

I have been really bad the last 6 months and have now got to my heaviest weight of 14 stone which is just awful for me so now this is it.

Today is going really well, I am going to keep logging on here whenever I feel the urge to eat!!


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I will get to goal .....
Hi Ali

Welcome back! You can do this - stay strong and remember all the reasons you're on CD. Best of luck chick.
Thats the way to do it hun! Welcome back to CD! I'm fairly new, i'm on day 12of SSing.

Hope this journey gets you to goal, just find faith in yourself and take inspiration from these boards. Good luck!

Love Leah xxx


Fed up of being fat
Hi and welcome back, you will get the weight back off in no time.


Staff member
Welcome back Ali and delighted to hear today is going well for you!!!

Restarted myself a week ago!

Love Mini xxx
Hello There

Hope you achieve what you want this time round.
Well it's day 2

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the messages yesterday, well it's day 2 today and I worked at home at the massive accident on the M1 meant no getting to work soon.

I feel ok a bit of a headache now and feeling tired but so far so good, I got on the scales this morning and I had lost 2 pounds in one day it's mad!! I tell you something today though I was freezing then put loads of layers on and then I was boiling my skin went red all over hope I don't go like that all the time!!

I have been looking at this website for a year now so many new faces and some old ones, I really really want to crack this now though all my clothes are far to tight and I am not buying the next size up!!

Mini - How are you doing on your first week back?


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Hi Ali,

Well done on your 2lbs. down already!!!

Take some water more water as this can be the reason behind feeling tired and the headache, if the headache is still there then it is more lightly to be carb withdrawal or a change in caffeine intake.

It is a killer to have to buy a bigger size:( Much nicer to be buying a size smaller.

8lbs. down on weigh in.

Now on day two of my second week already, it seems to be flying.

Feeling good:)

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini have upped the water so feeling ok gonna have an early night I think.

God I so want to be a dress size down already but it will happen!!

Wow 8 pounds that is just brilliant do you feel really great now you are in Ketosis? When I done it before I think I done one week of full ketosis then cheated a lot along the way so I just want to get into it and stay there. My CDC said 3 months will easy be 3 stone then I would be at my target weight at I am 5.6 and a half so that is perfect for me!! I think god if I just take these 3 months out of my life it will be a happier time for me.

Yesterday I struggled with not picking up a knife and fork all day and today I have thought about how often I stuff my face for no reason and it does not make me happy it makes me sad when I look in the mirror!!

Anyway roll on day 3, is it after day 3 you feel better?

Hi Ali,
well done on being 2lbs down already,
As for your clothes are not going to be tight for very much longer hun b4 you know it you will be haveing to buy smaller sizes!! and it so feel darn good when you do,
at the mo i hardly have anything that fits as almost all my clothes are way too BIG!!!! so i am one happy bunny
Hi Tara,

Oh I know I know, god you have done so well you must feel fantastic!!

How many sizes have you dropped? Have you stuck to it all the way through?

Hi Ali, thankyou i do feel good! aoart from tummy seem worse now i have lost 3 st!! gone jelly belly!need to do some tummy toneing big style!!
I was a large 14/16 when i started and am now a 10/12 could probally fit some 8's but not try them yet!
I have had a couple of planned treats but even them i was ok didnt over do it and stayed with chicken salad but otherwise have stuck to it 110 %
It's such an good feeling when you hear your story I know I can stick to it!! Are you going into maintainance now then? Did you chuck out your old clothes? I feel like doing that so there is no going back!!

It's funny I bumped into an old friend today and she was like lets meet up for lunch next week I have got loads to tell you, the gossip makes you want to go and I was thinking if I have to eat it will be chicken salad!! But I might try not to have anything if I am feeling really good which I am hoping one the Ketosis kicks in. Dreading tomorrow though as it's day 3 and from memory that's the worst!!

yep am working up the plans now this wk i have done the 1000plan and my god it seems like so much food!, yep have been ghetting rid of my big stuff have next to nothing left to wear now!!
Go next wk but have water and coffee you will feel so good for it.
My worst day was day4, days 1,2,3 were fab then day 5 onwards fab but from reading other post i no i have been very lucky with my 1st wk