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Hi I am new!! Nd sum help pls

Hello, I am louise was 30 this year and had my baby boy in Jan. Was 14st 3 day came home with wee man now 12st 9. Target 9st 3. Have been a follower of weight watchers for yearts. Lost 3st with it 3 yrs ago and managed to maintain give or take a few lbs.!!

How do I put my goals in my signature? Whn I have put a wee bit in it says no more than 350 BB? The below signature is all it would let me put. Also the wee tracker thing, trip sumthn whn i enter the site it asks for a pin code. If anyone cud help that would be great, cheers.
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i think you need to have so many posts before you get a bigger signature and there's a sticky thread on minimins for 'tickers'.
welcome to the forum, some great support here :)


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btw, your story sounds a lot like mine, i was 13st 4lb when i came home with my wee one, started SW 9 weeks ago at 12st 11lb, now 12st 1lb, i too hope to be 9st something, i also lost a couple of st on WW a few yrs ago and also i'll be thirty next april hehe :)
Aw you are doing really well!! Its a great feeling when it starts coming off but just not so easy to get off.. I ate everything in site when preggy my own fault for putting so much on :cry:They say 40 is the new 30 so does that mean that 30 is the new 20 :). Thats what I am thinking..

Seems I need to post a few times before can get a ticker thingy aswell.. Thanks for coming back


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lol i totally believe that 30 is the new 20! when i think to what a total eejit i was when i was 20 i dont even think i'd like to go back to that age!
yeah the weight is coming off slowly, SW was a bit of a disaster, i think i disprove the 'free food' rule :S needed to get a grip of my portion sizes, dont get me wrong, i love the SW diet, i think its really healthy and can see how it works for some people but i was eating massive portions. thats why i'm now doing WW - hopefully i can correct my portion control, lose the weight then maintain with SW. i find counting absolutely everything a chore and hate the way WW doesnt make fruit free. i'm always gonna choose 2 ww brownies rather than that banana hehe..
have you joined a WW group?


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Congratulations!!! I had a baby boy in Jan too! and weirdly enough, our current weights are very close - am 12.11 looking forward to getting to know you and swapping new baby stories xx
Thank you! I think Brownies would always win over fruit:). My mum weighs me in on a friday, I bought weight watchers scales. The threat of my mother is enuff to make me lose weight..
hello welcome and congratulations :)
Dont worry about your past the now is your future and be proud you are on your way to a slinky new you
Lovin 30 is the new 20 that means me being 40 Im the new 30 :)
Welcome to the forum :) you are def in the right place...loads of support on here :)

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