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Hi can u help.. i am new!

Hello everyone,

My name is Natasha i am 25 and live in Northumberland in England. I am going to be starting CC with alot of weight to lose, i have done the diet so many times i have lost count! This time i want if off for good tho i am just sick an tired of being like this! I have made such a big deal about being on a diet and CC in the past but this time i am not going to tell anyone, i am just going to do it! I have inboxed my CCC on my fb... she is wonderful and i know she will help me because she is ALWAYS looking out for me and helping/supporting me! I am really worried that i will fail again like the 20times i have in the past.. i have been trying to do CC for 3 years now and i have failed every time, so what makes this time any diff? I just lost someone very close and important to me 2months ago who was ALWAYS there for me trying to get me to lose weight, i want to do it for my her (nan) but mostly for me. I know i can do it i just REALLY need some help support and encourangement because when i am left on my own thats when EVERYTHING goes wrong! I really want to meet some nice people on here that are going through the same struggles i am! Can i have your help please?
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you're in the right place for support and encouragement.

also - am always really pleased to see people say they are excited to be starting (I was too). I think that positivity can help carry you through the first difficult week.

goodluck, natasha. xx
Good luck hon, there are many people here to offer ooodddllleessss of support when you need it, also try writing a diary i've found that helps motivate me xx


Angel in training
hello and welcome, dont worry i have started again and again with this diet - and it really dont matter about the past its the present that counts.. i have tons to lose aswell, but determined this time :) good luck and let us all know how your first week goes! x
Good luck Natasha you couldn't have come to a better place. I have found that the difference with this diet for me hasn't just been the diet itself but my CDC telling me about this site... these guys have kept me going strong through some of the dark days.

You can do this and you have a wonderful reason to wnat to start for your nan. Just remember yo need to do this for YOU and no one else. I am sure she would have been very proud of you for taking the first steps.

Good luck and this time is for the last time. Why not start a diary on here and read others, they have helped me loads

What wonderful replies thank you :) I'm really excited and my CDC is the best so I'm just so thrilled! I don't start until Thursday but im gonna try cut out carbs etc until then. I'm having chicken salad for tea tonight! Any ideas what I can eat untill thursday like lunch tomorrow to help prepare? X x
Oooo well done you prepping I made the mistake of stuffing my face the night before and boy did I suffer for it.

Do you like tuna? Maybe some flaked tinned tuna in spring water or a tuna steak which is lovely

Hi NatashaGabrielle

:welcome2: back to the wonderful world of CD! I am a returning person as well. I don't know why we self sabotage ourselves along the way, but hey, brush down and step up and off we go again!
My CDC said she thinks I may drop off because I never GIVE myself time to reach my goal weight. It really resonated with me. I am inclined to drop things when the going gets rough! So now I am steely determined to get to my required weight this time...I have a seven month plan.
So glad your CDC is so helpful, mine is too.
So together with all the lovely help here, our CDC's and all those beautiful clothes waiting in the shops to try on...lets do it!!
Your nan WILL be proud :):)

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