Hi I am new


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Hi guys,

Id just like to introduce myself

I started Atkins today, i am just under 15 stone and im 5ft 5. I have tried every diet in the book and i lost lots of weight on Lipotrim and it totally messed my body and my head up. I feel ready to do this finally.
I would like to loose 6 stone. When i started dieting i was horrified i was 13 stone, its hard to believe im now almost 15 stone and talking about wanting to loose 6 stone but thats my reality. I know ill be chuffed when im under 14 stone so im not going to worry about getting 6 stone off, when ive two gone i know ill feel amazing.
At the end of my first day and i feel like vomitting and ive a headache so i guess i didnt drink enough water. Looking forward to getting into Ketosis. I know i felt awful getting into Ketosis and i cant really afford to be ill this week so what are your tips for an easier transition.......

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Hi and welcome - as you probably know the water is most important thing also make sure you don't go more than 6 waking hours without eating even if it's just a piece of cheese or some slices of ham. Xx

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hiya. i know just how you feel about the amount to lose, i have lost almost 2 stone so far, and another 6 to go, its a scary thought!

welcome to atkins, like you i have messed with other things, foobarred my metabolism big style, but atkins worked for me, initially very well, but have been stuck for a while, trying hard though!


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Hi and welcome.. I've got shed loads to lose too - probably 7 more stones -have lost almost 5 st so far - so I know how daunting it is! Lol

Good luck :)


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Hi and welcome. When i started this journey, i really just hoped to lose one or two stone so i was fat but not struggling. It has worked so well that i am feeling better than i have in 15 years - still cant really believe it:) My current target is still above a "healthy" BMI. Perhaps one day i might even try a little lower - but anything off is worth it:D


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So glad to read all these comments!

For years the sheer amount I had to lose was enough to stop me
even trying. I've set my goal at 14 stone so I'll have a BMI of 29.8- just under the "obese" category*. In my heart I'd love to lose another stone and a half on top of that, and be around 27 BMI, but I don't even dare hope for it. Not at all interested in being a size 10 or being in the so-called "healthy" BMI range. 14 stone is lighter than I've been since my teens! It will DEFINITELY do! :D

*I also set it at 14st because that's a total of 97lb- I couldn't face the idea that I had more than 100lb to lose! Too daunting- I just never would have started.