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Hi Everyone

I have been on Ligherlife diet for 12 days now. I found the first week very easy and lost 10lbs, this week though has been tough, i've been hungry rather a lot and it is the belly rumbling kind of hunger as opposed to just a craving. Although I have had those too!!!

After my first week on ligherlife i could no longer stomach the soups, the thought of them made me want to throw up:eek:! So the second week I chose sweet shakes and 7 bars... nearing the end of this week I now can no longer face the bars - i didn't like them so much anyway apart from the fact it was something to chew.

Another thing I found was I really didn't see Ligherlife as value for money, the counselling is pretty non-existent in my opinion, last week there was about 1 hr 15mins of everyone being weighed, then the dvd and about 5 mins chat at the end fo the cognitive therapy bit... for £66 I would have expected a bit more than this... so after thinking about it all week - I'm switching to the Cambridge Diet.

I'm going to see CD counsellor tomorrow, she is giving me two weeks worth of packs, my last day of Lighterlife will be Monday... so I'm pleased to say I haven't cheated but it has been so hard this week... hoping with a bit more choice and tastier bars I will find CD a little more palatable! Have been craving a biscuit all day and I never crave biscuits! I rarely do sweet things when not on a diet!

Last night i went to bed at 7.30 pm as my stomach was rumbling so much, usually drink the required 4 litres of water easily, so yesterday I had an extra litre.. but even that didn't stop my stomach rumbling away!!!

Anyway I now sound very negative, on the positive side I have read a few blogs every time i've been feeling hungry or craving something and these have really helped.

The other big motivator is that I have lost 1 stone in under two weeks, so from that point of view LL has been successful!
Thanks Drama Queen, now have v important weight loss question... how do i get the ticker thingies in my signature, have tried pasting the url and it doesn't work, just says invalid url :(
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Sorry that you are finding LL difficult. I must admit when I did week one there was weighing, measuring, photos, the DVD and we went early. But the next 5 weeks have been okay covering lots of different stuff and people sharing. I am probably going to carry on for the 100 days and then swap to CD. But if you aren't getting on with the food packs then that is difficult for you. Good luck whatever you decide to do but don't give up, you are doing well ! Melissa x
Thanks DQ, will i be able to do it myself in future?

Thanks for the reply Melissa, It was the same the second weeks meeting, I don't think its necessarily the same for all LL groups, I just think maybe my counsellor relies on the dvd too much, there was no pop in either the second week, as she said she'd only done on one the saturday the first week, but she didn't normally work saturdays so wouldn't be doing one unless it was absolutely necessary and that a few of the group wanted it, everyone said they would be fine without it, but I think it was her reluctance to do what that swayed everyone that way.

Never mind anyway, have decided to do CD with the forum as my group assistance!!!

I'm sure i'm not supposed to be this hungry by now, its been a v weird week!!
Yep. Just go through the way you did before, copy the BB link tickerfactory give you and paste it into your signature between
I changed from LL to CD after the 100 days, and have never regretted it - in fact, I wish I'd saved myself some money and done it sooner.
I would also advise you to experiment with "recipes" I did 7 months on SS and could not possibly have done it just on soups, shakes and bars.
If you don't have the link to reipes, e mail me.
Ann x
Hi Ann

Thanks for letting me know i've done the right thing! I experimented with recipes last night because I couldn't face the bars I have left, but it all went terribly wrong!!! So i ended up going without! But it was all due to the fact I don't have a microwave - tried making biscuits out of the bars in the oven - it doesn't work!

I will try some of the other recipes though.

Wow u have two pounds to go!! Well done u!!!
CD Packs

Have been to see the lady from Cambridge Diet today, she was very nice and was the complete opposite of the Ligherlife counsellor - she nearly forgot to take payment for my two weeks supply of foodpacks, as we were talking so much! It was only when she mentioned the difference in cost that I remembered I hadn't handed over the cash!!!

Anyway have two weeks supply, my first two weeks of abstinence is up tomorrow, so far I have lost 17lbs - although this is slightly out now as I am weighing myself on my scales now as opposed to the LL ones.. but its close enough and I will be using my own scales for remainder of diet.

Still got LL products to use up, although have thrown the last 3 bars away because they made me want to throw up at the thought of eating them. Today I had one of the CD bars - chocolate orange - and I liked it.. its a bit sweet but much better than the LL ones!

Hope the tomato soup is nice because i got 10 packets! I had gone off the LL soups in the first week and couldn't face them, so I'm kind of excited about the tomato soup.... fingers crossed its not gross!!! Also got four chicken and mushroom soups. The rest is all sweet things.

Am remotivated following meeting with CD lady, haven't been as hungry today either but thats probably because i've been busy (been round Riddleston Hall in Keighley today - I have a thing about old houses and thought I might as well take advantage of my national trust membership while i was in the area)

Got a witty comment on my blog today, who said if you don't eat you will die!!!! And told me to try Atkins.. think i'd rather have nutritionally balanced foodpacks rather than fat laden atkins!:p
Just had the tomato soup, it mixed perfectly well.. it was quite nice.. def an improvement on the LL ones... hope the chicken and mushroom is nice - have a feeling i'm not going to like it!! But u never know.. anyway only got 4 of them.
Hi Punkass....have to say I am totally addicted to the chicken & mushroom soup....hopefully the switch from LL to cd will work out for you!! I went to a LL information session before I started CD and to be honest am glad I chose CD in the end!! Couldnt afford LL in either time or money and to be honest if I had booked & paid for a babysitter for 2 hours of counselling and ended up with nothing I would have been very annoyed!!

I think CD is great...am going into my 5th week now andhavent managed to get bored yet which is quite an achievement for me!!!

Best of luck...
Thanks Kazz, good luck with yours too, how is the AAM week? Personally I can't wait for mine! Would have had to wait 14 weeks to taste food if i'd stayed at LL!!