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Hi, im new on this!


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Hi, ive just joined Minimins and am a bit confused about site - but im no computer expert so i guess it will just be practice makes perfect! Im seriously thinking of doing Slimming World online, hopefully in next couple of days. Done SW in group before and found it v good. However time dictates that cant really make it to a group, plus to be honest i got a bit bored of going to them, though do think SW plan is good. Ive about 2 and half stone to loose. Have a new boyfriend of 11 weeks and that really isnt helping my weight loss - too many meals out and cosy nights in!

Hope everyone has a good week - both diet wise and in general :)
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Hello and Welcome!

Im sure in time u will find ur way around the forum, Ive only been here for 2 days myself!
Good luck with ur journey and dont be affraid to post, the people here are lovely and supportive!


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Thanks for your reply, encouraging to hear site is very friendly and supportive, though have been having a look around and it does seem good. Have a good day!


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Thanks Irene for you post about SW thread and food diary, will give it a go - if i can work it out! Not even sure where this message is going to appear - but thanks to both yourself and Zafi for your messages.


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Welcome to Minis, there's a little virtual tour guide thread in this section if you need a bit of help.. good luck with sw ;)


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Thanks for the post on my diary

It does take a while to get used to the site but it gets OK after a while.

You will find everyone on here very supportive, and hopefully make lots of online pals. Good luck with it all

And keep in touch x
Thanks for all your lovely messages - im finding my way around the site much more easily now - i think its a great site. Loads of support and helpful information - I lost 7lbs my first week!!! Weigh in again tomorrow - not as hopeful but still determined!!! Thanks again everyone x
Welcome to the site. What a fantastic weight loss for your first week.

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow. Let us know how you get on. xxx
Morning everyone :)

Just WI and lost 2lbs! V happy as only managed 3 full days on SW. I gave into the sugar for the other 4 days :(.

Vowed to give up sugary things, seriously think ive got sugar addiction to cakes, choc etc. Goes straight on my midriff!!! Hopefully this will help me continue loosing weight.

Have a good day, its looking quite miserable in Leeds today.

Take care all of you :)
Well done on the 2lb loss. That's fantastic especially if you only managed to stick to your plan for 3 days.

I have a sweet tooth too and struggle with willpower for that side of things. lol.

It's looking miserable down here in Southampton too :(

Have a good day xxx


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Heu Chick

Hope everything is going well this week!

Only just saw that you have had 7lbs off in the first week-that is amazing!!!!

Keep up the good work xx


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Dont forget to keep posting x
Hiya everyone, and thanks for ur last 2 messages Zoe32.

Well i lost 7lb, first week, 2lb second. Gained :( 2lb third week, and have lost 2lb this week. So back to my 9lb loss.

Hope you guys are all well xxx
Wow well done Kim. Just forget the 2lb gain and treat it as a little blip as you obviously got back on track this week to loose it again. Your doing fab x

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