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Hi! Im new!

Hi, I'm new on the forum. Started Atkins two days ago and have been avidly reading posts since then. Site seems really friendly and Jim an inspiration! Have done various diets before, mainly ww which worked whilst I was losing but just taught me to eat ww cakes and sweets! Did CD two years ago and lost two stone but put it back on as soon as it came off. Did a low carb diet last year and actually felt really good on it, but lasted a month and never went back to it after a holiday.
I've weighed myself in on new years day and I was 14 stone which is the heaviest I've ever been. I was also diagnosed withPCOS last year and it makes you susceptible to diabetes so
I really need to do serving about my weight. Today I have eaten ricotta pancakes and bacon for breakfast, tuna and green salad for lunch and meatballs and cabbage for dinner. Went to the gym for first time in a month and jogged four miles and did some weights so am shattered now and feel a bit headachey, but I guess this is quite normal. been drinking loads of water so never off the loo at the minute!
Hope you are all having a good Saturday night, love reading the what are you eating section, it's given me loads of meal ideas!
Clare x
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Hi Clarelouise, sounds like you're doing well already. Good luck on atkins!
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Hi Clare, welcome to this great board. I'm on day 5 so only a couple of days ahead - really enjoying the food ideas too!
can you share the ricotta pancakes recipe please?

welcome to the forum....this way of eating really changes peoples lives xx
MissyMustDoIt said:
can you share the ricotta pancakes recipe please?

welcome to the forum....this way of eating really changes peoples lives xx
Ahh, thanks guys, what a great welcome to the site! Headache gone now thankfully after gallons of water! managed a booze free evening which is good for me! I got the ricotta cheese pancakes recipe from the pig to twig website ages and I don't know exact quantities, I'll try to find out tomorrow but it is basically about a third of a small tub of ricotta, two eggs, teaspoon of splenda, and slug of cream. Whisk together and fry as you would normal pancakes. Nice with a little bit of lemon juice (if you are having lemon) and a bit of splenda.
Clare x
Welcome to the board Clare! Best of luck!


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Morning Clarelouise

Welcome - you will love it here - and fire any questions at us, everyone is super helpful :)

After reading the MiM thread I had my first MiM today. Looking at it on the mug unbaked I was very dubious but it was gorgeous! Will make one for work tomorrow as a snack! They rock ! So, whoever invented the MIM - thank you!!!
Snowed again here last night - so fed up of it now! Clare c

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