Hi new here doing SW got my first weigh in tomorrow

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kimbec87, 14 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. kimbec87

    kimbec87 Full Member

    Hi all new here found this after browsing on google for syn free recipes lol. I'm from Cornwall and joined slimming world last friday I've got 4 1/2 stone to lose. Hoping to do it by this time next year!
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  3. JellyMonster

    JellyMonster New Member

    Hi kimbec87 - Im a newbie, + I joined SW online 2 weeks ago. But hopin to get my moral support at minimins. It seems a geat website. Good luck
  4. Tania2001

    Tania2001 Member

    Good luck Kim :) I am also new and beginning my diet tomorrow!
  5. Tania2001

    Tania2001 Member

    good luck tooo jelly monster...sorry but I am trying to find my way around the forum!
  6. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Full Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum, Good luck with your weight loss journey hun ;) x
  7. mabbs1960

    mabbs1960 Member

    Hi there. I'm new to this forum too but not to Slimming World. Its the only diet that works for me but have never kept at it long enough to get to goal weight. There was always some reason why I didn't quite get there. This time, however I am more determined than ever.
  8. alwayssunshine

    alwayssunshine Full Member

    Good luck! I started SW 4 weeks ago and have found it quite easy to stick to. I have 3.5 stone to lose and have lost 9 and a half pounds so far. Good luck for Friday. You can do it!
  9. Wooley79

    Wooley79 Member

    Hi, i've officially started SW today, had a few good days last week but the weekend totally ruined it all so todays a new day and the start to a good weight loss!!! Good luck everyone!!!!
  10. Wooley79

    Wooley79 Member

    P.S-Love this site!!!!xxx
  11. kimbec87

    kimbec87 Full Member

    Hi all good luck to everyone i'm finding it pretty easy as long as I stay away from the snack cupboard lol although i'm currently looking for a nice new piece of clothing to stick a photo of it on that particular cupboard to remind me why i'm not supposed to be in there!
  12. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    This is about the fourth time i have done sw in the last 15 years or so and like you events have always stopped me getti.g to goal. The difference this time is that a group of us from work are doing ir and encouraging each other on a day to day basis as well
  13. bettyboo42

    bettyboo42 Member

    Hello, I recently came back to minimins and also rejoined SW 3 weeks ago. I am loving the support that is available on here. I am determind to get to my personal goal this time.xx
  14. kimbec87

    kimbec87 Full Member

    Hi yeah the support is brilliant ain't it I don't really know anyone in my group very well and they aren't very friendly so coming on here is brilliant can get all the support you need and someone always knows the answer and love the fact there is so many maintainers on here as they know quite a bit we've got no maintainers in our group as it only started 6 weeks ago
  15. The Caretaker

    The Caretaker Silver Member

    Welcome to the forum Kim, help and support in bucket loads just jump in the forums lovely
  16. kimbec87

    kimbec87 Full Member

    Thanks caretaker only been here a week but so far am finding this forum brilliant everyone is so friendly and there is so much good advice

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