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Hi Newbie here!! On week 2!


Is wearing skinny jeans!
Hi all thought i would say Hi! Im Susie and have been on celebrity slim for 2 weeks now! Am feeling great but have not been eating as much as i should in the past 3 days due to work (im a student midwife) However I have 3 days off now and will get back into the routine. How is everyone else getting on? Tell me about yourself, Im looking forward to getting to know you all xxx

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Hi there well done you.have you lost 13lbs in 2 weeks on CS? :D
Im just finishing day 4 be glad when weigh-in days here spurs you on doesnt it.
Good luck and chat soon xx


Is wearing skinny jeans!
Hi Yes 13lbs in less than 2 weeks! It will be 2 weeks on tuesday. Not bad hey! I am big though and apparently the bigger you are the faster it comes off! What shakes does everyone like? My fav is banana and strawberry!
Im bigger than you but I wont lose like that did Cambrigde diet lost nearly 3 st in 8 weeks .WELL DONE :D
I like them all havent had the soup what do you have in a day?x
hiya and welcome to the board. brilliant weight loss so far you must be very pleased with that! Im Emily Im 23 and i have three children and thats pretty much me lol ive been on Cs two weeks today and im enjoying it so far, quite easy to follow and the shakes are nice, my fav is banana and caramel. Have you got long to go before you qualify? My brothers fiance is doing medicine and she has just finnished a stint on the labour wards, poor girl has no kids and i think she will think twice before having them now lol are you enjoying it? Sorry too many questions lol


Is wearing skinny jeans!
Hi Emily, I am only in my first year of my training so a long way to go! I think doing labour ward is very scarey for someone who hasnt got kids!!! I am loving it so far but it is alot of very hard work!! We work 37 hour weeks on placement then have to attend uni then write a degree!!! All at the same time, so put that with 2 kids and a hubby and a house there is no time left to sleep!! But i really love it, theres nothing like the look on a womans face when she hears her babys heart beat for the first time!! Good luck with the weight loss journey hun, xx
hi sooz my names nikki and im on day 4 its ok so far :) im 23 and have two daughters aged 7 and 2. how are you going on the diet so far does it get easier? dont worry about the ferrero rocher lol sounds like you deserve it!! xx


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Mmmm love ferrero roche.

Hi Sooz I'm Maryann (or Mazza on here). I'm 39, have a 6 year old daughter and work full time.

Its my second weigh in tomorrow and last week i lost 9lbs. I dont think i will lose much this week however as its TotM - blah!!!

Maz x
Hi Susie, I'm Alison and well done on your 13lb off in 2 weeks - that's fab! I'm 36 with two kids, boy will be 7 and girl will be 4 in March. I work part-time (5 mornings) as a PA to a couple of department heads and the rest of my day is picking up and dropping off kids, housework, trying to catch up with friends and family, cooking, cleaning...omg it goes on, doesn't it! Life is fairly hectic, but I love it!

I'm on day 6 of CS just now and really finding it easy to follow and really, really good. Not missing carbs too much but I've my hubby's mum and dad coming through this afternoon and staying for dinner. I've made a steak casserole, loads of veg and baby pots (not for me though!) and Aunt Bessie dumplings! I am going to have one small dumling with my casserole with a ton of veg plus I've made an apple crumble to have with some custard for pudding, which I'll have some apple and a little dollop of custard. I know I shouldn't but I'm having no snacks today to cover the extra carbs.

Well done and best wishes for your continued journey on CS xx


Is wearing skinny jeans!
Its nothing like slimfast. This is a carb controlled diet slimfast isn't. Also I did slim fast for 6 weeks and put on weight!! Thanks for the slightly pointless post?? :confused:
Hi, I'm laura, 22 and have a 3 and a half year old son called jake. Today is my first day on CS and so far its ok...shakes are nice...fav so far is chocolate. I too have a lot to lose so hopefully all will go well. cant wait for my first weigh inn :)
Hi Laura - welcome to the site! Shakes are nice, I really love the banana one and I'm not a huge fan of bananas! The choc fudge bar is really yummy too.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you're doing x
hi all, your all doing so well x trying to presuade hubby to let me try it but i failed on lipotrim tried it again after a had a miscarriage (got the all clear from my doc's first tho) and threw up being preg made me hate lipotrim lol, so i may try it,pay day tomoz if i buy it what can he say lol
lol kelly go for it!

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