Hi, newbie here.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GemK, 12 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. GemK

    GemK Member

    Hi to all...

    I was searching for some slimming world help when i came across this great forum.

    I'm hoping to lose a few stone, and that slimming world can help me achieve my goal.

    I'm starting on the extra easy plan so any advice on meals would also be so much appreciated...haha...i'm still trying to work it all out and figure out some good recipes.

    Hope to get to know you all soon.
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  3. Eir

    Eir Full Member

    Welcome to the forum! :)
  4. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

    Hello and welcome! Pop on over to the Slimming World forum if you have any questions, need advice or just want to chat to some very friendly peeps xxx
  5. GemK

    GemK Member

    Thank you to you both :)
  6. BritMumInCanada

    BritMumInCanada Gold Member

    welcome to Minimins, there are some lovely people on here and you will really love the support that coms along with it. Good luck on your weight loss.
  7. Mim

    Mim Full Member

    Welcome from one newbie to another......
  8. taryn

    taryn Member

    Welcome ! :)
    I'm also new here.. Good luck for your weight loss, hope all goes well!
  9. Luckyluxx

    Luckyluxx Full Member

    Welcome :)

    I have just joined too, hoping to lose a few stone, i have had no luck so far by myself so hopefully this site will give me some well needed motivation to stick to my healthy eating and exercise plan. :)

    Good Luck
  10. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Hi and welcome :) quite new to the forum mysef but its great to come to for idea's.

    I'm doing slimming world too and am finding it great :D

    Good Luck!
  11. 926749

    926749 New Member

    Hi everyone :D i'm new to this forum too (just joined a couple of minutes ago) i'm here because i seriously need motivation to lose weight!! i'm 19 years old, turning 20 in jan. i started the cambridge diet in july and went from 13st8 to 11st2 (achieved in october) but then stopped the diet, started uni again and lost all motivation and gone back upto 11st12 :( and i'm too broke to afford to pay for cambridge anymore...please help me get my motivation back...thank you :D
  12. 926749

    926749 New Member

    and oh i have no idea what diet to go on or anything...just soooo confused :( ...i'm considering just starving myself for a couple of weeks just to get down to 10st6 before starting uni again on the 11th jan but dont know the risks and whether i have enough will power to do it!!
  13. GemK

    GemK Member

    Starving yourself is def not a good option. I myself mostly hold my weight due to never eating enough. Your body holds onto your fat, making it harder for you to lose which is why i have started the Slimming World plan. You eat more, but you lose the weight because of the kind of food you are eating.

    I started the diet on thursday, and i have already lost 10lbs, which to me is just crazy but very true haha.

    Give it a try...
  14. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Good luck with the pounds

    Irene xx
  15. Riebos

    Riebos Member

    Hi another newbie here.

    I bought the extra easy cook book, its great, so easy to follow. Good luck.
  16. 926749

    926749 New Member

    thank you so much for the advice and encouragement guys :) i really appreciate it...yep GemK you're right, starving myself is definitely a bad idea. i think i'll give slimming world a go x
  17. Mim

    Mim Full Member

    SW is the way to go.......good luck to you all, WI tomorrow so another sleepless night for me tonight!!!No idea why I get so nervous the night before, lol I have been good all week and the fakt that I'm on star week should not matter too much I hope.<:O)
  18. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    I get nervous on the day of wi and it drives me mad! Suppose its good it bothers me as it gives me some inspiration maybe!?
    Hope your wi went well!

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