Hi starting ss today need motivation to help stick to it this time!!

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  1. tara1

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    cambridge diet

    I keep starting and stopping SS but this time ive promised myself I will defo stick to it. I find ss really difficult so any advice to help me will be appreciated, getting married soon so need to lose weight asap!
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    What an incentive to stick with this diet....you need to be focused, and stick with it 100%, easier said than done I know.. But you can do it.
    Make sure you drink the water, and keep posting and reading the threads...we will help keep you motivated.. try and keep busy and join out daily thread....

    Good luck, when is the wedding??
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    Doing my own thing...
    hey, this is my first week and learning alot on here, it is difficult tho eh, will power and determination totally required lol
  5. saffron

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    hiya tara, come on huni you can do this,and to keep going keep thinking of the wedding and getting in your dress!! having my wedding fast approching has helped me!! good luck hun and come join in on the daily hour by hour thread xx
  6. Sweetpea

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    The main thing is that you need to be in the right frame of mind to do any diet and stick to it. If your head is not in the right place you will never do it. When you start the diet you have to think not just that you really want to lose weight - we all 'want' to - but you have to be confident that you ARE going to lose the weight this time.

    You have to find the motivation from within yourself and keep thinking of the reason(s) you are trying to lose the weight. Thankfully you see results quickly with CD and that becomes a motivator in itself.

    The best advice is also to drink as much water steadily over the day as you can manage and DO NOT CHEAT by eating anything other than the meals on SS.

    I would suggest that you perhaps avoid any threads that say anything in the title about cheating or falling off the wagon until you are coping well with the diet. These threads tend to receive sympathetic replies to the effect of 'never mind, just start again from now' which is a totally understandable response (better than letting the diet fall apart) but may make you feel like it is okay to cheat/eat as others are doing it too.

    I wish you the best of luck with it. When are you getting married? - that sounds like a very good motivator.
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  7. Rayven

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    Hiya Tara, biggest piece of advice would be drink, drink, drink. Seriously the more you drink the easier it is and the better you'll feel on it. I know drinking water is all people go on about but its a fantastic piece of advice. Hope you're doing ok today. GOOD LUCK! x
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