Good Morning
Firstly many congratulations on you forthcoming wedding!
Secondly well done on starting your weight loss journey, You will find the first 3 or 4 days really hard but stick with it. As soon as your body goes in to ketosis you will not feel hungry and the headaches will disapear and you will feel fantastic! ~If I can offer 1 piece of advice it is to drink at the very least 4litres of water per day. The more water you drink on this type of diet the more weight you will lose!
If you need any help or advise or just a chat come onto the forum. We are all here to help and advise and there isn't a single diet that we havn't tried. So if you need support this is the place to be! Have a wonderfull weekend and keep us posted of your progress!

Hi louisa26,

Best wishes on starting your weight loss journey and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

One of my goals is to wear something really nice when we renew our marriage vows in April, 2008 for our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Another one is to fit into the suit I wore on my wedding day:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx
Hi <wave>

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

I too lost weight for my wedding last january and it's the BEST thing i did, i look at my photos with pride. Stick with it, there's no better reason that your wedding day in my opinion!!

Unfortunately for me i've not maintained very well, have gained a stone, that's why i'm here now :eek:

Best of luck,
Little Miss xxx
cant wait for your wedding - we are both gonna look 'gorgeous', lol - well, you will look stunning, you are doing so well xxx

11 months to go!

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials:D

I'm getting married september 07 and would ideally like to lose 4 stone by then. As someone else said, no better incentive to lose the excess pounds than getting wed.

Good Luck ;)
Hi Louisa

Good luck with ur CD diet.... it is the best diet ever!!!! Best wishes for your wedding day too!

Once I got past the first couple of weeks on SS I have found the diet easier.. finding a site like this really helped me.. my second week was terrible, felt hungry permanently and was craving everything.. hell i'm sure i wanted to take a chunk out of my own leg at one point! But i discovered some blogs online, looked at the inspirational photos and then found out about minimins! So ur in the right place!!!! Any day u wonder if it is all worth it and that little voice tells u to eat something, then tune into minimins and ask for help or read a diary.. it really works!!!
Hi Louisa,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :D

I am getting married May 26th this year and the thought of the wedding piccies gave me the huge incentive to join CD and lose the extra weight that I have accumulated over the years.

I wish you all the success for the diet - how is it going?

I am quite enjoying the shakes and the soups and I am now on Day 5 (not really too hungry now). Had really painful headache yesterday though :( My first weigh in is on Thursday and I am quite looking forward to it.

Have you bought a dress yet? I am waiting until I have lost at least a stone before I go (hopefully next month) and then I am going to the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Feb.

All the very best