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  1. steffie91

    steffie91 New Member

    Hello everyone I'm new to this and i am trying to lose 4stone i can honestly say its not going to plan I am also hoping to start slimming world next month if I can get the courage to go on my own xx

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  3. Purple-Ney

    Purple-Ney Full Member

    Hey Steffie, the last time I went slimming world I did it alone. I was a bag of nerves but people are really nice, I kept reminding myself everyone was there for the same purpose... To lose weight. It took a little getting used to but then I got to love my group so much so even though I've moved area I've gone back to my old group. Good luck I really hope you don't let being on your own put you off. Good luck on your journey :)
  4. BecciiLucyy

    BecciiLucyy New Member

    Hi there. Ive just joined minimins today too. Finding it a bit difficult to work out the app though hehe!!

    I use myfitnesspal to help me keep on my calorie allowance and so far im 3stone7lb lighter. Want to lose about another 3 stone! ! :)

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  5. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Welcome Steffie. :) Ney is completely correct.. although I can't speak beings I won't attend the meetings on my own lol, but it's true.. everyone is there for the same reason so there's no reason for anyone in the group to be judgemental or anything. As I was so put off with going to groups on my own I decided to join Slimming world online and so far so good! If this doesn't work then I'll have to get some courage and go to groups! I've seen many people say that they have done it just as well with doing it from home without attending the groups, so if you're really that put off, doing it from home on your own is an option, plus it's not really on your own once you've joined Minimins! :)
  6. steffie91

    steffie91 New Member

    Thanks everyone for messaging me back, I am going to give it ago going on my own see how it goes I honestly didn't know you could do slimming world online How much does it cost? ?

    I really need to shift the weigt sick of it making me feel rubbish about myself its just been getting worse since I had my gorgeous little boy and that was over 18months ago...cant really blame pregnancy/new baby anymore lol xx

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  7. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Some people buy the books from Ebay and get advice from here.

    I personally figured if I was gonna do it.. I wanted to do it right. I paid £64 for 3 months for Gold, but only as I wanted as many benefits as possible. You can do it £59.95 for Bronze, £64.95 for Silver or £79.95. I used a code with mine : Join before 31st March, 2014 and enter the voucher code change4life to save £15 on top of our current special offer - that’s a fantastic total saving of up to £35!

    People can also invite you via email and you'll get £10 off, but I'm not sure if you can use the code too then or not. I think so beings it doesn't say in the T&C on the code that you can't. I didn't have anyone to invite me, so I didn't get to test that. If you need inviting and want to go for it, I'll gladly help :)


    But a lot of people do tend to to buy the books from Ebay though and do say it works! So if you're not wanting to spend too much on it just yet, that's always an option :) xx

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