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    Although I've been a member for a while this is my first post. I've been trying so many diets over the years and each year the same new years resolution....yes loose weight.:(

    So after doing weight watchers, slimming world a few times, slim fast etc I've decided to try skinny sprinkles and watch the amount of fat i'm eating. Similar eating to slimming world but no weighing of a's or b's.
    I would also like to increase my exercise too. So I started using skinny sprinkles last week.
    My starting weight was 13 stone 0lbs :eek:
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    Slimming World
    Hey there
    Just wanted to wish you loads of luck. Really hope it works for you :)
    I've just started SW again after a few years break but this time from home.
    I haven't heard of Skinny Sprinkles before!
    Let us know how you get on xx

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