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  1. caronbuffy

    caronbuffy Full Member

    Hi alI just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Caron & on week 4. I did this diet over 2 years ago with amazing results. Due to me not sticking to eating healthily, put weight back on. So here I am again. I've lost 17 1/2 lb to date & would like to loss around 3 stone more. Hope everyone is doing ok as I know we all get some really hard days. Look forward to getting to know you all xx
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Caron:welcome2:

    Well done on your fabulous weight loss...you are flying it!
  4. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Welcome!!! Another 2nd timer like me! Xx
  5. caronbuffy

    caronbuffy Full Member

    Thank you for your reply goose. Hope all is going good for you x
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Im all motivated to really get this weight of now!! Desperate to be slim :)
  7. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    Hi and well done! I'm also 4 weeks in, I've lost 19lbs so far. Let's do this! Xx
  8. caronbuffy

    caronbuffy Full Member

    Together we can do this. Weigh day today but got enough shakes til Friday. So going then. Hope you all are doing ok xx
  9. DebbieNornIron

    DebbieNornIron Full Member

    Welcome Caron, I am on 2nd round as well

    Lost 8lbs in 1st week so positive. I am going on a hol to England next Thursday so gonna do refeed as I did that last year and didnt put on any weight then fingers crossed start again end of July and shift whats left.

    Good luck
  10. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Hi Caron, welcome back, I am on my second time round again and the same height as you. You are doing amazing well done missus, keep strong, if we stick together we will all be tiny, keep going girls xxx
  11. DebbieNornIron

    DebbieNornIron Full Member

    All aboard the Lipo Express whoo whoo

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