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Hi Shaun and welcome :wavey: what plan are you going to follow?
Heres kind of like a mini essay here so you know exactly what im doing now lol :)

Well i go to the gym with a few mates at the moment and there all looking to 'bulk up'. I usually go 4 times a week, each time 1 hour in the evening and spend about 30 minutes of that time doing cardio and the rest doing weights. While I wouldnt mind having a little extra muscle im quite happy with what I already have :p so im thinking of heading towards more cardio

As for eating, i dont drink fizzy pop, dont eat things like mcdonalds, burger king and all that stuff, but what i do eat is pretty much just pasta and rice based meals with chicken (carb heaven) which is probably the main reason I weigh almost 12 and a half stone. Being my age aswell you can probably guess i like to go out for a drink once in a while so that too probably isnt helping :p
Carb heaven indeed shaun, maybe you should try Atkins, think of all that lovely meat and green veggies mate.
Aye I was thinking about trying that, but i would really consider myself a fussy eater and apparently the atkins diet cuts out alot of different foods, so im worried i would find it difficult to apply myself =\
Try reading up on it mate, it's only on induction that it's really strict. I just basically cut out pasta, rice, bread and anything with sugar in it.

You can eat pretty much as much as you like of all meats and green leaf veggies


Celery, kale, cabbage, pak choi, choi sum, fennel, spinach etc....

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