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High Heels

I am a huge fan of heels, they make me feel dressy and sexy.

Anyway the point i wanted to make...... I can't believe how much your weight can impact on your feet. When i was at my heaviest, i could only wear heels for 1hr max before i was literally crying in pain.

Last saturday i wore the highest pair of heels i've ever owned and danced all night. I felt amazing!

I even wore them home, i didn't need to sit and rest my poorly aching feet nor did i do the embarrassing act of taking them off and dancing round them (that's what i used to do!).;)

Just thought i'd share my new found love for shoes :D:D:D
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lol im the same!
when i used to weigh 21 stone i could hardly find shoes that fit me, i had to get a size 9 extra wide,
now i weigh 4 stone less im a size 8 and normal width, so i can buy them anywhere, i also wear heels, i cant walk in flat shoes now as they hurt my ankles!
Ooooh! Thanks for that TrimT! I've never had much luck wearing heels as my feet always hurt :( I do really like them but only wear them if I have to.

But you know how part of setting your goals is about seeing yourself in the future, how you'd like to look? One of my images is of me wearing jeans and a really funky pair of high heels...

You've just made that image more exciting for me because I don't think I've ever really believed that one - yes I'd love to be able to, but the thought of me in high heels has never really been so convincing!

I look forward to having an experience like yours - thanks for sharing that!!

And well done btw - just 1lb from your goal?! Woohoo!!!


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Oh I don't know how to thank you for your post....I have loads of love shoes but I can only wear them for a short time and then my feet hurt soooooooooooooooooooooo much:cry:...the thought that maybe it won't be so bad when I am lighter, really keeps my faith.

Thank you
My husband's not quite so pleased because now all i want to do is buy shoes, shoes and more shoes......lol

He said you're feet haven't shrunk, you don't need new 1's ..... MEN!! don't they understand that it's not about NEED it's about WANT hahaha

Hmmmmmm I think i may have a slight shoe fetish;)
It seems i still have this to look forward to. Tho i had an exciting shopping trip afew weeks ago....OH bought me a pair of ankle boots. I have never been able to do a zip up before (ankles/legs too fat!) Walked into Evans. First boot i tried on...zipped straight up. He said "i'll buy them!"

I was sooo HAPPY! worn them almost EVERY day since! (ive also gone down a shoe size!)

Now i can look forward to wearing some nice heels at my wedding!

Thanks guys!!!

That is so lovely, you must be really pleased. And how nice of your OH to realise how much it meant to you to be able to fit into them.

Well done.
Isn't that a relief. On my birthday about a month ago I wore these fabulous shoes when I went out for a meal with some friends and when I got back home I couldn't walk up the stairs. It would be nice to be able to walk in heels without the excess weight, especially since I've got small feet. Can't wait to start updating my shoe collection.
Somewhere along the line the shoe thing passed me by. Never got it at all. How to walk on a stilletto heel and never owned a pair. Maybe it's a good thing that I won't try them until I have got to goal!


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I am hopelessly uncoordinated in heels regardless of weight so I have heel envy now lol - seriously tho, that must feel great :)
oh yay!!

that means there is hope for me yet!! i love high heels so so much but always opt for flats as i know i'l be comfy! maybe one day in the future i'l be able to be comfy in heels! yay!!
On a mad impulse I bought some killer heels a few months ago but I can barely walk across the bedroom floor in them, never mind go out! I do so hope to be wearing them this time next year, and some boots that zip up, and some shiny shiny ankle boots, and some dainty little kitten heel mules, and...(yeah, I have a shoe fetish too, and I'm sooo bored with flatties!).
Oh I laughed when I saw this post as I am the same, I am obsessed by shoes now. I have went down a shoe size and went from having no heels to having 3 pairs in a matter of weeks!

This losing weight business is very expensive...never bought so much in my life!

I lost 12 pounds this previous month so going down sizes pretty fast now. I started of at 21.7 (nearly 22st before that) and I am now 15.4 so I hope to be in the 14's for Christmas and buy lots more shoes and clothes!!!
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you should see my storage boxes on the top of my wardrobe! i have at least 40 pairs of high heels lol, my fella says "oh another pair of new shoes" i say " no darling ive had them ages ;)" lol
Vampalicious, we have about the same weight to lose and goal weight is about the same, what size do you think you will be at goal? Asking coz you are as tall as me, I haven't a clue what size am aiming for.
well when i got down to 14 stone last year before i got pregnant i was a sze 16-18 so i found that i lost a dress size with each stone, so if i were to get down to 11 stone ish then im guessing i would be a size 10-12 woo hooo i hope so lol!
Hi, Sylvie - I have put myself down as 5ft5, but I really 173cm (not sure the exact feet/inches to that, as I keep finding different conversion charts ranging from 5ft6 to 5ft8)

At 14st7 I am approx a size 16/18 (my body is strange though as I have a small waist for my size, it's around 29" - so I have to wear belts with my trousers)
At 8stone (I think that would make me underweight from my height, depending on the height conversion chart) I was a size 6-8. After half a year at uni (aged 19) for a few months I was 7.5stone (that only lasted a few months) I was a size 6.
At 9.5 stone (when I finished my studying) I was a size 10 (sometimes a 12, depending on the store)
At 10 stone I was a 12/14 and then I stopped weighing myself until now when I was 14st7 and a sz 16-18)

So everyone is different, they do say every stone you lose you go down a size, but I'm not like that. I won't be a size 14 until I am around 10stone (going on past experience) as the rest of my body has to catch up with my waist, then my waist will go down a few inches.

I think for most people around 5ft7 - 11stone would be around a 12 (maybe a 10) it depends on your body (build). When I went on the body composition scales at my CDC on my first CD visit at 14st7, it showed I have a fat mass of approx 8st7!!!!!!! Very scary (almost 60%)

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