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Motivate me!

Motivation is something that I know will come and go along my weight loss journey.I want to create a motivation list to keep me going so that I (and others) can refer to this thread when that feeling of being in the slumps creeps in. By listing how I feel right now and flipping it to what I want to feel will help me turn -ves to +ves. And I as I head towards my summit I will learn new things along the way.

1. I am unable to walk for 5mins without feeling breathless.
Flip-it Walking will help increase oxygen level to the brain helping me to increase my level of fitness in baby steps.
2. Excruciating pain down my shins.
Flip-it Pain is related to being sedimentary for a over 5 years. If I start with 15mins a week and increase it gradually I will be fine.
3. I feel bloated and uncomfortable all the time.
Flip-it H2O will help drain any water retention in the body...the more I drink H2O the more toxins I can flush out.
4. Indigestion and heartburn.
Flip-it The TFR will give my digestion system a break and help me change to eating habits by cleansing the pallet and digestive organs.
5. Lethargic and apathetic. Feel tired all the time.
Flip-it Imagine carrying a 50kg bag of flour with me everyday all the time. The strain it has on my joints and organs. The lighter the bag gets the pressure on the joints will ease off.
6. Backache is always sore
Flip-it Less weight = better posture and less pressure on the lower spine. Better control over back problems.
7. Pain in chest
Flip-it The heavier upper body the more prone I am to heart diseases and cancer. I want to be alive to enjoy my retirement.
8. Uncomfortable underwear
Flip-it Decrease in size will allow more breathable space and more choice of undergarments
9. Constantly perspiring
Flip-it Getting fitter will lessen perspiring thus avoiding embarrassing situations.
10. Hiding behind the same large clothes
Flip-it Having the choice to wear what I like when I like and looking great in it is the best feeling ever. I want to look fab in Jeans.
11. Low self-esteme and image
Flip-it Start respecting my body and looking after it and it will boost the confidence as well. Look a million dollars again!!
12. Hide away hermit
Flip-it The more confidence gained by loosing weight the better social life. Get me out of the house and out and about.
13. Fat is in the family genes
Flip-it Surprise myself and go against the family tradition. Make my family proud of me.
14. Can't keep up with family outings.
Flip-it Doing more with my family and having fun doing it. Playing tennis, going on rides and riding the bike together. Travelling will get easier and more manageable and fun.
15. Stressful events
Flip-it Enjoy entertaining and having a laugh with family and freinds without stressing about food all the time
16. Worrying about the future
Flip-it Live in the present and appreciate what is around me.
17. Unhappy with myself
Flip-it Accept me and keep improving myself. Start like myself again. Look in the mirror every morning and smile.
18. Short attention spam and interest and low boredom theshold
Flip-it Learn new things will stimuate the brain cells. learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Learn to be a quick learner. Try out new things. The more energy I gain the more I can do with my time.
19. Couch potatoe
Flip-it Read more and watch less TV.
20. Expensive XXL sizes
Flip-it I will be able to walk into any shop and buy clothes at reasonable prices of my choice.
21.Falling off the wagon all the time
Flip-it Stick with it and stay consistent at home and work. Start and more importantly FINISH it. I will feel so much better about myself.
22. Asthma attacks
Flip-it Breath deeply and and take control on the asthma. Learning to exercise will strengthen healing process towards everything.
23. Type 2 Diabetes runs in the family - high risk alerts
Flip-it I know what I am heading for if I don't control my eating immediate. The symptoms are starting to show. There is no time to waist now. I have to act NOW!!!
24. Clutter Clutter Clutter
Flip-it Declutter Declutter Declutter - I am going to focus on clearing my environment, creating space and compartmentalise all aspects of my life.
25. I can not bend to put my socks and shoes on. Therefore i am buying more Velcro-fastening shoes.
Flip-it The smaller my tummy gets the easier it will be to put sock and shoes on. I will then be able to wear different types of shoes ie with laces and enjoy putting them on. My feet will be less swollen and can adjust or slip into normal pair of shoes without the worry of adjusting them.
26. Looking awful in photos.
Flip-it Gaining confidence will be a long and rocky road.Once changes start happening to the body and start reducing in fat. Facial and other feature will be more visible. I can start to capture those special Kodak moments again.
27. Sleep apnea. Struggling to breath freely, choking sensation and snoring whilst lying down....not good signs. Body under pressure and result in serious heart, functional and chronic illnesses.
Flip-it Losing weight will ease the pressure of the body with sleeping. Better quality of sleep will be achieved by just losing a bit of weight. The tiredness felt should feel good not bad feeling.

To be continued.....
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Determined to succeed ...
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What an amazing post full of positive truth and advice.


Wishing you well in your weight loss journey... :D

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I particularly like the last one. lol No more will I have to reach the back of the clothes rack!

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