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Hit a massive milestone today....


Making it all add up
Nice one Andy, still losing in RTM.

And 11st is an unbelievable achievement - Much Respect


I Can Do This!
Eleven Stone! Amazing. It's all about how you feel and not what the BMI scale is, but it's still nice to hit targtes ;). What non-food treat have you planned for this success??


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Well done fantastic achievment !!


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Well done, that's a HUGE achievement! And I agree with thin-inside - go with what YOU feel is right for you rather than what BMI 'dictates'. You look fab xx


dancing queen ;)
E-L-E-V-E-N!!!!? wow-that is so amazing!! Such a GREAT loss and very inspirational!CONGRATS!!!


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Andy love your new pic you look very handsome.
I reckon if your clothes still fit well you shouldn't worry about the number too much.
Well done on your loss its really amazing.


Surgically happy.
Thank you everyone :) When you guys say 11 stone, it suddenly sounds more! I've been quite blase about it lol!

A girl friend of mine told me today that I now weight less than she did when I first met her - which is perspective. I never at the time even noticed she was overweight (I noticed she had a great figure and I do like curves).

No treats for planned for this - I did have an idea I'd buy a cheap laptop when I finish rtm but I can't justify it from a financial perspective. I'll try to find something but am currently trying to spend a lot less money so I can start saving again. Definitely no food treats though!

I'm not that fussed by the bmi but I'm so close it would be nice to dip under that level, just for the feeling. I think I'd have to lose 2 more pounds to do that. I don't think I can lose anymore at this stage but that's ok - I'm reveling in the fact that I've done something here beyond my wildest dreams :)

Thanks again, everyone :)
well done andy - great milestone
11 stone is amazing
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Fab achievement Andy, well done!!!

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