Hiya Everyone


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Errr, where should I start! at the beginning I suppose....

My name is Gary, I'm 42, happily married but miserably fat

I think I've always been a little overweight ever since I was a little kid. I've never really been one for dieting except for in my mid 20's when I went from 20 stone down to 14. Since that time though I have gradually put on weight until I now find myself at 29 stone.

I know why I'm fat, I eat too much & drink even more!!

Now if I put into the mix that I'm also type 1 insulin dependant diabetic you'll see that little by little I've been killing myself, I've used past tense because I've decided to put the over eating & over drinking behind me.

Luckily for me I have a fantastic wife who is 100% behind me & who has also started a diet to coincide with mine.

I know that this path won't be easy & that's why I've joined this forum. I've got a huge shoulder that people can cry on as I'm sure I'll need one too.

For the record we (Me & Wife) are both doing the slimfast diet. I want to lose 15 stone & my better half is looking to lose 6

Good luck everyone x
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Losing the mummy fat
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welcome & good luck, keep us updated x