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Hiya, Newbie in need of support!!

Hi Everyone,
I found this site whilst trying to find info on vlcds. It was really helpful, so I have now joined and am hoping to find the support I need to get to my goal.

Well, I have a massive amount of weight to lose - 145lbs!!
It seems like an impossible task at the minute, but am just gonna take it one step at a time.

I have battled with my weight for years, and was successful in losing over 5 stone a few years ago, but unfortunately I injured my back and went from going to the gym on a daily basis to being laid up in bed for a few months. During this time, I went from feeling sorry for myself, to a horrible depression, and I did nothing but feed my face. Since then I tend to start diets, lose about a stone, then put it back on, lose it, put it back on....you get the picture!!
But now, I am heaviest I have ever been, and things really need to change, and fast!

I have decided upon a vlcd as a friend of mine has lost an amazing amount of weight on the cambridge diet, so I am hoping to follow in her footsteps.

Having looked at the various vlcds, the one consistent thing I have noticed is the expense, and as I have recently moved back to my mother's house to care for her full time, money is very short. So I have decided on, and ordered the dietimeal meal replacement shakes from avidlite (they arrived today so I start in the morning :D). As I am going to do this diet using avidlite, the main thing that I will be missing out on is the personal counselling. So I am really hoping I can find support here :)

The other cheapest option was the ******* diet, the diet that must not be named! Can anyone tell me why this is not allowed to be mentioned? Just curious :p

Anyway, that is me. I am excited to be starting my new life, and look forward to meeting new people on here.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life!!!!!

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Hello there and welcome, you have certainly come to the right place here, I no nothing about the diet plan you are starting but just popped in to say Hi.
very pleased with that weight loss I am waiting for surgery but in the meantime will follow slimming world may even consider one of the plans if I get bored with sw.

If you get a chance have a good read some of the posts on here are amazing I learn something new everyday on here

Good luck huni xxx
I hope everything goes well with the surgery, and that it's not too serious.

I tried slimming world once, ages ago. I didn't get along with it, but it looks like it's working well for you!

I am looking through the posts slowly but surely. Keep getting a bit lost atm though, but i'm sure i'll get used to it soon enough.
Hmm, my last post hasn't appeared.
It went along the lines of saying good luck with the surgery, hope it all goes well.

I have been looking around at various posts, but keep getting a bit lost. I'm sure i'll get the hang of things soon.

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Good luck with all your weight loss, you can do it.. :)
All the best xx
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Hiya, my name`s mel and like you have just started on Lipotrim, as of yesterday! My mother in law lost around 2 1/2 stone within a couple of months and looks great! Took a bit of persuading my husband to let me do it, as he was worried that the diet and lack of real food wld make me ill, but am soooo happy i`m now on it! Felt hungry at times but just kept on drinking water. Am sick of going to the loo all the time, but I know this diet works so am going to stick to it! I have tried every diet going, and each time I fail it makes me feel more fed up than ever! So here`s to us, we CAN and WILL get to our target weight! Good luck!:)
G: 12st0lb
Thanks for all the kind words everyone.
Good luck to you too mel.
I know what you mean about the peeing, it's ridiculous!!
I feel that the start (first weigh in tomorow) of this diet has been easier than other diets, mainly because i'm not constantly planning and therefore thinking about my next meal.


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Hi and welcome, good luck with your weight loss and keep us all posted :)

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