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Hiya... Tammin here ;)


Well, I'm not much good at introductions but for once in my life I reckon this'll actually be half descent.

Well to start I'm Tammin (or Tamzo) and I'm from Newcastle. I've regularly read this site for advise for the past year and finally felt it time to join up.

I'm doing weight watchers, and my weight loss storey is as follows:

Up until 2008 I was a 6/8 in jeans and 114lbs which is my goal however I met my ex partner who was German and moved to Germany with him. I couldn't find work and I had no friends so boredom krept in and I started eating to cure my loneliness and boredom (in the whole year I lived there neither changed). Not to mention the fact that my mother-in-law at the time managed to put cream and cheese in everything and always full fat, it was so fattening after eating I always had such a sickening feeling in my stomach and regularly got ill because of the fat content. Around about 6 to 8 months after I had left England our relationship fell apart and altho desperate to loose weight I was in such a distraught situation again I comfort ate 4 cheese sandwiches the night befores left overs etc etc until I went from around a 14 to an 18 which crushed me even more. I tried so hard to loose weight over the year but as you will have all experienced everyone said I was fine as I was and my mother in law was a nightmare bein 114lbs which is well within my bmi was too thin for them all... unfortunately I had found out my partner had being seeing someone else but couldn't leave until the newyear had kicked in, he had a new "blonde size 6" girl behind my back which again made it worse on me (however it's always good to know she left him 2 weeks after me when she realised he had been engaged to another girl, me). Although I didn't say anything until I had left him, around about 2 weeks before I left on christmas eve he grounded me to that final pulp about my weight and told me I looked about 7 or 8 months pregnant :cry: I was devastated. I had sold all my lovely clothes and things I wouldn't even do make-up or hair I just wasn't myself anymore, however I vowed once I came back to England that I was going to do 2 things:

1) Be 114lbs again

and when I had managed that

2) Join the army

and so I've around 27/8 pounds to loose now and I'm happy to say I've got a successful army application currently underway and can't wait for next year to come to get to my goal weight and hopefully join up to the army!

anything you want to know just ask, I look forward to getting to know you all :)


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Violet is shrinking
hello and welcome to the forum,good luck with loosing those pesky pounds


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