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Hmmmm - Fruit makes you fat?? Really??


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Eating too much fruit can make you fat | Mail Online

This has just popped up on the DM website, I was interested because whenever I eat lots of fruit in a week I never lose, last week I had so much fruit, did tons of exercise & still managed to put 1.5 pounds on....in a normal week I would only have an apple & a couple of satsuma's per day.

What does everyone else think?
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I don't eat much fruit. It makes me hungrier, apparently the sugars in it raise your blood sugar or whatever, but it certainly doesn't help my weight loss when I eat a lot of it.


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When I ate a lot of fruit, particularly grapes and bananas my weight loss was not as good.
In fact my 2nd and 3rd weeks I stayed the same by sticking to plan 100% but eating a lot of fruit.
Now, I don't eat a lot at all, but eat plenty of veg.


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wow so I was right :D I have often thought this and its why I dont eat much, but I to eat lots of veg.


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I thought everyone was going to tell me I was mad and to keep eating my fruit....I have to eat what I have bought this week but as from next week I will lower my fruit intake & up my veg intake & see if there is any difference
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If I eat fruit on its own, it makes me starving very soon after. I am ok if I have it within a meal. As a snack I always add lean protein, usually a small piece of ham or chicken breast. As suggested by SW, I reach for fruit as my first choice for a snack but then I reach for protein to add to it!

I have read about this before. It's something to do with raising your blood sugar sharpely, then it crashes down. Hence feeling hungry, tired and ratty. Eating it on its own makes me crave white carbs or booze! Not good.

Just to add, casting my mind back to SW years ago, they limited fruit then. You could have a couple pieces a day as the version of Healthy Extra at the time. Called Two for You, if I remember correctly.


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My mom sent me this article yesterday :) I personally don't get the hungry feeling after eating fruit and find it does fill me up. But I do agree with what they say about smoothies etc and this is the reason SW say smoothies and juices have to be synned.
A very interesting thread! I too eat loads of fruit, and ready made fruit salads (all 'chuck outs' - I couldn't possibly afford full price, often £2 or more per bag or punnet, which I often get for as little as 20p!).

I do find that it fills me up, doesn't leave me feeling hungry, and satisfies that 'I want to eat something NOW' craving, but reading the equivalent amounts of SUGAR in the article has really made me think!

I have rather suspected that this was the case, having cut back on the number of FF yogurts and bananas I eat, and never having smoothies. Oh dear, my place looks a bit as if its 'Harvest Festival' time at the moment - we also eat loads of vegetables as well!

Like Julie, we'll have to eat what we've already bought (although I'll give that some thought), and really will try to cut down in future!

Many thanks for posting!
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ive lost almost 3 stone9prob more now) and i have a big bowl of fresh fruit salad most days after my evening meal and the odd piece during day if im peckish..

.also eat veg every day..bread every day..pot and lentils almost every day..so not sure where that claim has come from re fruit....il continue to eat fruit every day and il continue to lose weight lol....

when ive gained its cos ive eaten too many sins/sinned food not something that is free on the plan (sw)


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Regardless, it can't make you as fat as Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Walkers Sensations and Crispy Chilli Beef with Egg Fried Rice & Prawn Crackers, can it? :) X
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hmm isn't it odd how fruit can react different with different people.
when i eat alot of fruit i usually have a good loss


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This has worried me a bit - my losses are really slow and never use to be, the only difference being i now eat lots of fruit!!

Yesterday for instance:

3 x Plums
400g melon & grape meadley
1 x banana

These were for snacks, i never thought that these would be bad for me!! This is the average i eat each day + some more to take to my OHs in the evening!

Definately something to think about! Thanks for posting!



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Just going off topic a bit, I've done a bit of an experiment with fruit today. I normally have a weetabix and 2 oat bran crispbreads with a large handful of grapes and muller light for breakfast, then snack on fruit during the morning. From Monday to yesterday this week I've had really bad IBS symptoms by lunchtime. Today I had my normal breakfast but no other fruit.... stomach is as happy as anything!

Back on topic, I must admit that the weeks I have a lot of fruit, my weight loss is much lower... definitely going to reduce the amount of fruit I eat!!


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This is a little bizarre, I eat a good few bits of fruit. Mainly Kiwi fruit, apples and grapes. My losses have been good but am going to try more red days so will try using more veg than fruit to see how I go. thanks for a little look in on the article.


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I'm not keen on fruit, I like 'greenish' Bananas but not when they're properly ripe, because I'm not keen on the sweetness. I'll eat apples and pears and grapes and I love lemon roasted chicken!

But fruit makes my teeth squeak!

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