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Hmmmmm?? Should I give it another go?

Hello all,
I'll introduce myself as some may remember me from last year but not sure.
Anyway, I am Clare aka Peachy and I started the Cambridge diet last May weighing 17 stone (gulp). I lost 3 and half stone by Christmas and then played with the diet till March/April this year. I am now weighing in at 14 stone 7 lbs, a whole stone heavier than I was in April and I said I would lose the rest by exercise and sensible diet but that clearly has not happened.
I have let myself down and am thinking about trying Cambridge again to lose the remainder of my weight.
Does anyone have an opinion on this?
My problem was that I got bored of not socialising and thats when I fell off the wagon but I am once again fed up with being fat.

Thanks for reading
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Hi Peachy,

Nice to see you back on Minis:)

Could you maybe do a higher step rather than SS or SS+ if you feel restricted by the unsocial aspect?

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, at the end of the day you need to find a diet that suits you and that you think you can follow 100%.

Take care:):p
hi hun, you know that this diet works for you, you also know you can do the diet so personaly I would start again before anymore weight crept back on, well done for you losses last year, good luck in whatever you decide to do .xx
Hi Peachy, I would definitely give it another go, you only have pounds to lose :)

Best of luck
hi hun, i am the same as you fuffing about etc.. i swore last time i cheated will be trying weight watchers or slimming world out.

and what happened i cheated again, and i have thought about it over the weekend and have decided to give ww a go as of wednesday, going to try ww for 2 weeks see how i get on. If i succeed i will stick with it untill finances are sorted then lose the rest on cd, if i dont succeed within 2 weeks then i will come back to cd, will put money aside for it in the mean time too... as finances are not to good at the mo either..

what ever you decide best of luck :)


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hun the only way is to try it and see how you feel but you have done it before and lost lots!!!!! so you no you can do it. just stay srtong of you do decide to and stick on this site we will give you the encouragment and support you need. good luck on your decision :)


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I'd go for it, you can have a meal a day on CD, why not try that... I do that on W8 at the moment where I can do SS or have a meal every day provided it's off the allowed food list, but I can happily go out and have protein/veggies/salad and stick to it.
Your right ladies.
I have been making stupid excuses again, who needs socialising when I can be slim??????
Ha Ha.
I am biting the bullet and giving it another go
Hi sweetie, i remember you. How have you been? I hope you're well. I think you should give the diet another go. I gained abit of weight back so i'm back on here too, lol. xx
I'd give it another go. If you start now you could be at your target for christmas. As others have said you can still go out and socialise and have a SS+ type meal. I miss going out at the moment and will do anything to avoid it but I take the view that its only a few months out of my life to achieve what I have never been able to achieve in my life which is to be slim - I was even podgy at age 5. I am also thinking that if I do meet my target/goal then I will only ever allow myself to put on 7lbs before going back on a strict diet to get rid of it.

Good luck and look forward to seeing the results of your wk 1 weigh inxx

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