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Holiday dilemma :(

Well at work today my father in law phoned me to ask if me,my two kids and husband would like to join them on holiday in Austria on 23rd July till 30th July,HE WILL PAY!!! so naturally I am like hell yeah!! But now the dilemma, I would like to continue doing TFR LT even on holiday, I think a break would be hard getting back onto the diet. However sat in a restaurant eating nothing with family looks terrible and seems quite rude? I could continue on LT up till the Saturday of the holiday and then maybe have the week of but do a VLC diet on holiday? Or do u think I should grizz it and continue, I just do not want to be unsociable or rude, after all I am not paying for the holiday??'advice welcome please I will also ask at my first weight in tomorrow..... And also may I add, this Saturday I am going to a mess function (my husbands a soldier) it's fancy dress,and foods from around the world...I won't be eating nor drinking. I know I can do it, it's just the hol worrying me :(
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Hiya, I went to Gibraltar for a week whilst on TFR and didn't have any problems with taking Lipotrim on a plane at all, i did take the lipotrim bag that it's provided in to show exactly what it was if anyone asked. I even took it in my handluggage, but only took the right amount that i needed (so 15 as we were only there for 5 days)

As for eating in restaurants etc, I got round that by explaining to the friends we were staying with (she's in the navy) about TFR why it was important for me to stay on it and hoped they'd understand BUT I did want to join them for one meal on our last evening (I had lean steak and as recommended by my lipotrim nurse veg grown above the ground so there were no carbs (which mess up the effects of lipotrim) - so basically salad! lol).

They were very understanding and appreciated that at least I was willing to come off it to have the one meal with them, most of the restaurants were happy for me to have my lipotrim whilst they were all eating too providing the others were buying something - perhaps also whilst they're having their meals you could have tea/coffee or even fizzy water (that way your doing something with your hands and the fizziness of the water will make you feel full.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday and don't fret about it all to much as you'll do fine, you haven't mentioned whether or not your in laws know about you being on Lipotrim so if they don't it may be worth explaining it all to them too especially as you'll be staying together. they might be a bit confused otherwise! lol.
Good Luck
Life is too short, get on holiday, enjoy it and get back on tfr when you're home. I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm sure that if your in-laws care for you (and they obviously do as they are paying for your holiday) they will accept that you want to continue with TFR. It all depends on how determined/comfortable you are with either refeeding or continuing? While I was on TFR, there were many occassions where food and drink were involved, but I knew that I needed to continue as I worried about restarting. Only you can decide what you want to do, but don't feel like you have to please others.

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Hi Emerald. What a fantastic offer! I had a similar dilemma back in April and decided to stick to TFR and I was so glad I did. There are so many threads on here written by people who have gone off the diet warning others not to do the same. I was so unsure what to do but figured there will always be excuses or reasons to stray and that I will have loads of holidays in the future to make up for it. Luckily, I've got brilliant support from my friends and family so that's not an issue. I also worried that I wouldn't be strong enough to start again once I had tasted food again! You can have a great holiday whether you stick to LT or not and you will feel SO good and proud of yourself if you do. :D


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I can only comment what would be right for me under the same curcumstances, but I would have to continue tfr. Undertaking a diet this extreme is a big decision and I know that I would not be able to take a week's break and then start again, my mind would just not be in the right place. Like the other posters, I'd say if you're planning on doing tfr while on hols, explain to your family that you need to do this to be happy and healthy and I'm sure you'll have their 100% support. Best of luch whatever you decide and make your decision based on your needs, not anyone elses!


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Hi there. Personally I would go for a middle ground and perhaps have your shakes for breakfast or meals where you are not going out, but for meals out or big sociable meals have a low carb option like chicken and salad...that way you will not go out of ketosis. I think it's the getting out of ketosis rather than eating food itself that will ruin the diet but that's just my opinion others who've been there may have different views

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