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holiday dont know what to do help


i want to be like betty
hi i have been doing this 4 weeks tomorrow and i have my holidays last week in sep to lanzeroti dont know wether to stop diet for a week to join my husband with his meals and social drink or stick to it? i do want to be slim for xmas has anyone else been in this situation.:cry:
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This is very much my own personal view but I have decided to make this my last diet ever and I intend to get down to my weight and stay there. The only way I can think of doing that is to completely change my way of eating. At present I am on Xenical but of course I can't stay on that for life and anyway after a period of time it doesn't help because if you take note you don't eat all that unhealthy fat anymore. :fingerscrossed:

I am sure that I am right in assuming that this won't be your last holiday so you need to set your ground rules now, if you don't want to spoil all your hard work you will need to find a way to cope with holidays, including Xmas ;)

Take things in moderation. you will also find that there are healthy and tasty options on most menus, even MacDonald has recognised the need, don't make a fuss about being on a diet but look carefully at your choices because this should be a habit that you keep even when you have acheived your ideal weight.

That's my pennyworth for what it's worth, enjoy your holiday.
yes, i was in that position 2 years ago.. went away for a long weekend.. refed the week before, came back with great intentions of going back to tfr.. guess what.. here i am the same weight I was on that holiday, doing it again.. I have to say if this is the first time on tfr, my advice, however hard it may seem, is stick to it.. many many people on this forum can tell you restarting is alot harder for some, and I truly think this diet is one to stick with, do it right the first time, and never have to do it again... some people however do manage to go away and get back on the tfr train.. see how you feel closer to the holiday, but in all honesty, you dont want to be like me, 2 years later, starting all over again xxxx


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Hi, It depends on you and what you think you are capable of coping with. I went on tfr for seven weeks in may did one weeks re-feed and went to Florida for 2 weeks. I stayed off it for another week during which I had 2 meals out and a day at Alton Towers stuffing my face then went back on tfr.

In that time I only gained 3lbs and have been back on it for two and a half weeks and have lost 13lbs. I did not find it difficult to restart and plan on doing the same thing again as I am going to my friends wedding in Cyprus in September.

Everyone is different and only you know if you will struggle to restart. Personally I could not or would not want to do tfr on holiday.

Good Luck with whatever you decide xxx
Hi acorn, I go on holiday in 7 weeks and have decided to refeed a week before so that I can drink more than anything! There is more to life! I will be straight back on it when I return to work towards 4 stones by Christmas.

Good luck in what you decide... x


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I started in June and stopped for two weeks holidays - couldn't have done it with the children with me 24/7, as I've been trying to hide it from them by having soup at mealtimes here.

I then stayed off it a further week and it was desperately difficult to restart - PLUS I put on half a stone over that period, which was horribly demotivating. So, I'm now finishing week 4 (in total), but I've had two (horrible) first weeks in that time instead of one IYKWIM! :(

I couldn't have done it on my particular holiday, but if it had been just me and OH I definitely would have stayed on my shakes!



i want to be like betty
thanks for all your help i might see how i go in the next 6 weeks then decide i defo would go straight back on do you have to refeed for a week before you come off


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thanks for all your help i might see how i go in the next 6 weeks then decide i defo would go straight back on do you have to refeed for a week before you come off
It is extremely important that you do at least 1 week re-feed prior to eating. It is very important to follow the re-feed week 100% this is to ensure your body does not regain lbs of fluid.


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this thread s very helpful to me, have started lipotrm today and am going on holiday for a week at the end of september, where i do intend to eat but not excessivly as i think there is more to a holiday than eating crap, its very useful to know i need to do refeed for the week before i go i didnt know this.
as for the op if you really dont want to do trf on holiday just do what i am going to do dont overeat, and chose the healthier options in the restaurants.


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Excuse my ignorance but what is "re-feed" and why?
Hiya re-feed is a specifically designed eating plan which you must follow after finishing tfr. It slowly re-introduces carbs so your body will not re-gain vast amounts of fluid which it will if you fail to follow it. Some people can gain 10lb plus in a few days.

Following re-feed for 1 or 2 weeks then maintaining a healthy way of eating should prevent any future weight gain.

Hope this helps xx

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