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Not sure which forum to post this on, so plumped for Nutrition, Health & Beauty!

Went to see a holistic therapist today in London and he's put me on a detox programme. While I was there he gave me a treatment of 'cupping', a reflexology session, a 21 day detox diet plan and a plethora of supplements!

I'm going back to see him next Friday and he's booked me in for a colonic - although I'm toying with cancelling this as I've heard so many negative reports. Plus the idea of it is filling me with dread, but he did say all his clients (including many celebs) leave with a skip in their step after the treatment.

I need convincing!

Has anyone else done a Holistic Detox at all?

Mandana x
Never even heard of one!! Sounds quite intriguing though!!

I would say though, that if you are going to do it you may as well go the whole hog and have the colonic....never had one but its meant to properly sort ye out isnt it?! He probably wouldnt have booked you in for it if it wasnt an important part of the program...
Good point Kazz - he did say he's not had any problems in his clinic (but he would say that, wouldn't he), and that all his clients feel so much better afterwards.

I'm sure it'd be fine, but it's not something I'm looking forward to!

On the plus side, I've lost 3 lbs already, and I only started last night! I retain more water than a reservoir I reckon!!

Mandana x
Hiya Mandana
good to see you :D

Well done on the 3lbs lost so far :p

what is a 'Holistic detox' can you tell us more - never heard of it!!
Morning Geri. Good to see you too

Basically it's a healthier way of life - looking at the whole person inside and out.

I went to see this guy who practices Ayurvedic medicine which is based on old Indian principles (my counsellor suggested I followed an Auyvedic diet which suits my body rather than starve/binge/starve cycle). When I was there he looked at my skin, my tongue (I produce too much mucus apparently), gave me 'cupping' which is a treatment of having small glass cups put on my back in specific places (different places to treat different symptoms), a reflexology session, dietary advice (which involves a 21 day detox to start with) and LOADS of tablets. About 26 a day!

LOL, I'm watching TV and just seen an ad for Mr Muscle sink & drain unblocker. My first thought watching it was 'that's what a colonic would be like'!!

Anyway .. I've taken my first 2 tablets (wormwood or something equally unappetising sounding), and I'm about to have my breakfast of live yogurt with honey and a banana. Yum! Washed down with peppermint tea. Quite a change from cereal, black coffee and a cigarette!

Mandana x
oooh mandan,
sounds very interesting - enjoy your breakfast and keep us updated :p

Yep, I'm intrigued by this detox too Mandana. x
Morning everyone

Well I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday. My whole body appears to be hypersensitive ATM - every 'hurt' or bruise is far more noticeable. Hopefully it'll all settle down soon.

Thought I'd show you what I ate yesterday. Have bought some wheat & gluten free porridge and muesli so I've got a choice for breakfast today (with soya milk).

Anyway ... yesterday.

2 x small bananas chopped into live natural yogurt with honey (actually really nice)

Handful of pecan nuts & cashew nuts (unsalted). Few left-over carrot sticks from last night

Rice cakes with plain cottage cheese dusted with freshly ground salt & pepper (looked bloody awful until I put the pepper on, but surprisingly tasty)

Rice cakes with nothing on. Would have enjoyed MDF more.

Home made vegetable soup. Sprouts, cabbage, carrots, onion, celery & Marigold vegetable Bouillon.
2 x small chicken breasts with steamed green beans & carrots, with a small amount of wheat & gluten free brown rice pasta.


Banana with natural live yogurt mixed with honey, and crushed walnuts on top. Absolutely delicious!

Mandana x
Hiya mandana

well your menu is certainly different!! :D

How much water do you have to drink throughout the day??

laughing at you and the rice cakes - mind you are they the unsalted ones - dont mind the salted ones as they remind me of salty popcorn, with a bit of imagination of couse!!:D
Morning Geri

We're to drink at least 2 litres (which I do anyway, so no biggy) and that can be plain water or in herbal teas. I absolutely love peppermint tea with honey .. yum!

Here are some of the rules ...

No red meat
No dairy produce
No fruit - except bananas
No wheat, gluten, yeast
No alcohol
No biscuits, cakes, doughnuts
No jams, spreads - except honey
No coffee, decaffeinated coffee or tea - except herbal tea
No sugar, chocolate or sweets
No artificially produced flavourings: tomato ketchup, vinegar, mustard etc.

Lots of Nos eh!

Thank God it's only for 3 weeks!

Mind you, feel better for it already.

Mandana x
lol hopefuly the 3 weeks will fly :D

You may think this is a really stupid idea - but will suggest it anyway lol :D

Yesterday I was watching those 'diet doctors' programmes... never really watched them before - but was amazed at the difference in the peoples tounges after they had completed the 3 months of whatever eating programme they were doing... told my lot ' ooh I'm gonna take a picture of my tounge!!' would you consider doing that - just so you can see the difference! You don't have to post them lol
LOL, I suppose I could!

He took a look at my tongue and said I was 'mucus heavy'. Not sure how it looked at the time, but I had had a latte not long before. Probably looked quite manky! If I'd known he was going to look in my mouth, I would have brushed my teeth & tongue!

Do you want it pre or post brushed?!

Mandana x
Ok, day 3 over - well 3.5 really, but who is counting?!

Gluten & wheat free muesli with soya milk (quite tasty once used to the taste)


Gluten & wheat free apple & cinnamon bar thingy

Smoked salmon with salad, plus a small amount of buffalo mozzarella and cottage cheese.

Live natural yogurt sweetened with honey & chopped up banana

Handful of pecan nuts and walnut halves.

Home made vegetable soup with grated chicken breast (cooked last night) and chick peas.
Live natural yogurt sweetened with honey & chopped up banana

Have to say there was not one thing I didn't like - the yogurt with honey is to die for. Smoked salmon was a real treat (although it was only a small amount). The soup, even though I made it, was delish. And those muesli bars were gorgeous, although one really did fill me up (shock, horror!)

It might look like a lot written down, but the portions weren't huge, and I'm feeling fuller sooner as I have to chew and chew this kind of food. The muesli at breakfast takes forever to eat, and by the time I've had half a bowl I'm stuffed. Quite unlike my usual weetabix which is gone in a flash, and I'm gagging for toast afterwards.

Oh, and as for my 'movements' .. what a difference! I'm going after every meal! According to The Ideal Poo website, I've got the ideal! Go and take a read if you're at all interested lol.

I had to go and see my GP today and asked her while I was there about colonic hydrotherapy which is on the cards for Friday. There is no scientific evidence to show it is of any benefit, but the placebo effect might make some feel great. I've decided against it as it's not something I would have gone for if it wasn't for this regime I'm currently on.

So, that's my update!

Mandana x
Hello all

Just thought I'd update you after my first week :)

I feel really good - more energy, no bloat at all, no headaches and sleeping like a baby! I'm a terribly light sleeper, so this is a big thing for me. Oh, and I've lost 7 lbs too :p

I know there is so much controversy about detox plans, and I was extremely sceptical about it when I was sort of 'pushed' in that direction. I didn't have the colonic on Friday - thought that was just a step too far, but the tablets I'm taking seem to be ok.

And get this - 'Dr' Gillian McKeith would be so proud of my 3 x daily poos! I'm eating so many vegetables I'm no longer a once a day/every other day'er! (I'm sure that more information than you wanted, but it is important I'm told!!)

Anyway, have to dash. Hope you're all well and dandy.

Mandana x
Just wanted to say well done and also I have had two colonics and would urge you to go ahead with it. I have a post on minimins diaryising my experiences if you want to search for it.


Hi Manadana

WOW Im intrigued by your detox plan...

where are you going for sessions?
Is it weekly?
Is there a book?
May be interested in trying after LL to get me into those types of foods....cant bear thought of carbing it up and seeing weight go back on (been there done that!)

Have you done SSing beforehand?

Apologies for info..forwarned is forearmed and all that jazz!!

Youre doing so well babe, 7lbs in one week and without being in ketosis!

Keep posting hun, I reading with interest!