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Holy cr*p....


Fighting Demons....
It sucks doesn't it!! It could still be emotional. It can present physical symptoms of hunger. Nightmare, right. I am in total belief that the weather is to blame. My advise. Wrap up vey warm with a hot chocolate and it should go away! Well, it worked for me!!

Stay strong Petey!!! Don't give in. Not that you would anyway. Just thought I'd throw that in for some moral support!

B x
My stomach was growling really loudly all the way through lecture this morning too... I was trying to drown it in water but it wasn't working.

Weird isn't it?
Pete, I read something interesting the other day, which makes me wonder is this is the cause of my hunger. Apparently a lot of caffeine (in my many black coffees!!) make your stomach more acidic and this can cause hunger like symptoms! Makes sense to me as I usually get the feeling around 5pm-ish, when I've drank a fair amount of coffee during the day. I know this might not apply to you at all and you might be just on the water, but thought I'd mention it as I'm keeping an eye on this at the moment!
Ahaha! That is so gross... but LMAO!, and yes my appetite has gone now. Where did you find that?

Aww hunger is evil, but you're so strong that you'd never eat anyway ;). Omg the food on that site is disgusting it's made me feel physically sick i'll be bookmarking that one lol xXx
I get the 'rumble tums' now and again, I have a black coffee or flavoured water to help calm it down.

Oh Pete....... that site is disgusting!!! When I'm hungry I shall go back to that site and............ abracadabra............... my hunger will have gone!!!!
yuk yuk yuk

thanks pete :yuk:

why couldn't you have gone and painted your nails (or something else equally useful they suggest to take your mind of hunger) like the rest of us do!!

daisy x
i'm sure they are used to you there by now aren't they?! - probably wouldn't have batted an eyelid ;-)
daisy x
You don't think you could be pregnant?
I suddenly feel SO hungry today! :(

and not head/emotional hunger either, this is proper, full-on, stomach rumbling like crazy hunger!

that lovely "empty" feeling feels horrid today, and I have that 'cold' thing going on in my stomach constantly :(

it's more annoying than anything really!
As you loose more weight this happens i get real bad rumbles now. Drink water pete and space your meals so when you feel the rumble you eat.

Think about it that body of yours is loosing the fat and is runing out of reserves ;)
Very true H!

TBH I think I was justa bit suprised, I'd totally gotten used to never feeling hungry so to suddenly have it launched at me from nowhere threw me a bit!

Still feeling it today, drinking loads of water and spacing my packs out even more, but I guess I've just got to get used to it for the remainder of this thing....
Yeah, happened to me as I got near to goal, I realised my body was letting me know.

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