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Home from Surgery

Hi all! Just wanted to say I'm home from surgery. For those that don't know I had my bunions removed.

I'm slowly trying to get back on plan but haven't really had much of an appetite and have only been wanting things like sandwiches, crackers and digestives. Haven't been able to face 'proper' food yet.

If you want to see them, here are some pics of my feet and xrays. They're not too gruesome or revealing as they're still all bandaged up!

Feet - Shared photo album - PhotoBox
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How are you getting on? I remember my mum having hers done around 30 yrs ago. She had them both done at the same time as it was meant to be so painful she didn't want to go through it twice.
I'm doing ok so far. I had 2 nights in hospital. They give you a local block in each foot so the first 24 hrs isn't that bad and they regularly bring you paracetamol. I was sent home with some strong painkillers which I can take 2 every 4 hrs but have only need to take 1 in the afternoon and 1 at bedtime. They knock me out. Today is my second day at home and I'm getting around but need to be really careful about not doing too much.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Glad to hear that it all went well Huni...you'll be up and about properly in no time at all!


I will succeed!!!
Glad you're back and hope you feel better soon xxx
Welcome back Stacey. Hope your 'back on your feet' soon. It will be worth it for the pretty shoes! :D
Hey!!! Welcome back Stacey! :wavey:

Hope you're feeling better soon xx
I'm hoping you have a very fast recovery!

My mum had her bunions removed when she was younger only they messed one of them up during the procedure and she had to have the main joint removed and a pin placed inside for it to set!

Happy hobbling hun! x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Welcome back Huney! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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