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Homemade Bread help?


I will achieve 10 stone!!

Before my SW days I used to bake all my own bread. I had a bread maker and the kids love it. Since SW I have not used it and i do miss it. I could make my own wholemeal rolls for HE choice.

Now I am confused about how to work out the syns.

If we buy bread its syned overall, however do I need to syn the flour, oil, etc. Can anyone give me any tips? I have no clue how to work it out correctly.

Thanks guys x
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I will achieve 10 stone!!
Is it really that simple? I presumed I would have to syn all the ingredients and then weight and ensure it was 57g. Fingers crossed then. I ask my C but she was not sure, great help!!
I think you do need to watch what ingredients go into it, as it may not count towards a HEb otherwise.

If it is a standard wholewheat bread recipe, then I would say you are safe to count 57g as your HEb allowance.
You will need to look at what ingredients go in to it and also the weight of it..We used to bake our own bread but stopped as homemade bread as it weighs alot more than the shop brought healthy WW or warbatons bread.


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I made all my own bread pre SW but have since stopped as you got such a measly amount for 57g it wasn't worth it!!! I now buy feather light shop bought wholemeal and although you are eating the same weight, it's much easier to actually do something with - like make a sandwich (impossible with homemade as you didn't even get 1 whole slice let alone 2!!)
Spoke to our conusltant and you do have to weigh everything and calculate the syn value, it is easy to do, but then you have to try to calcuate the overall value, into how many slices you get. To be honest, until I have reached target I am going to have to give the home made bread a miss, it is too risky to get wrong :sigh:


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As long as you use wholemeal four, yeast and water and don't add sugar/honey or oil then it will be absolutely fine to eat. In fact probably better than shop bought as that probably has lots of sugar in it. It's a myth that you need to add sugar to get the yeast to work. Works fine without it.

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