Homemade filo tartlets


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Hi everyone!

Just after some clarification please, if you can help?

I've taken one of the recipes from the SW Christmas Made Extra Easy book, filo tartlets and made some this morning and was wondering how to syn them.

I only used a single sheet of Just-Rol filo pastry (chilled) which I gather from syns online is 3 syns and I made 10 tartlets out if it.
I figured that if I made 3, they would be 1 syn each. 6, 0.5syn each. Not sure about 10 though....

Any ideas?! :confused: LOL

Thanks in advance!
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Eh? :confused: Well they're obviously 0.3 syns each, so if you had one you'd round it up to half a syn, if you had two also half a syn, if you have three it's one syn, if you have ten its three syns.

Or have I misunderstood the question? :confused:


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It is also worth checking the nutritional info on the box for the pastry and using 1 syn for every 20 calories to work it out accurately. I have discovered you can get the FILO pastry in varying sizes and brands vary in nutritional info too.