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Honest style advice please!


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Hi all

I am going to a party in a couple of weeks, and there will be many people there I haven't seen since starting LL. Now, vain as it sounds, I want to go for maximum impact!! :D
I have 3 potential outfits - have set up an album called (imaginatively) Party Outfits, and would very much appreciate your thoughts as to which looks best.
Just for info, the party is outdoors, more of a BBQ really, so a bit more casual than your average.
Many thanks for your help!!
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hi there
like them all
but would prob go with the jane norman one as i think the straps flatter more - but do love the monsoon too....hmmm, sorry not much help, lol!
daisy x


is loving CWP xx
I agree with Daisy. It is a toss up between the jane norman dress or the monsoon one. But I do think the Jane Norman dress shows more off your shape and possibly your weight loss.

You look great in all of them x x


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My favourite is the monsoon one, then the Jane Norman one. I think the Monsoon one is more suited for a BBQ, the JN one I think is a bit more formal/wedding-y.

Disclaimer: I am no fashion guru!

Jo B

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I love the Monsoon one for what it's worth! Think the halter neck is really flattering - actually they are all flattering, you look fab!


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Oh the Jane Normen for sure! Before I even opened the pictures that's the one that caught my eye as the most flattering. The pattern drips down your figure where the other makes your eye buzzzzz from side to side! Not as flattering! Sorry but, thats what I saw.
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sukie sue

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definately the halterneck , really shows youre lovely new shape and shoulders, all lovely btw , massive well done hunnie , be proud xxx


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Looking great girl.I like no 3 best,but I'm a bit of a sucker for the old tunic and leggings combo!!Have a great time and enjoy the compliments xx


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I'm with Jazzy if I had to pick an outfit for you. Love the leggings tunic combo.

But any one of the outfits look fab on you.

Enjoy the party.... and the anticipation LOL. I'm sure you will get loads of positive strokes. :D
Wish i could advise but i cant see them. But i bet you look lovely in all of them have a great time and lap up and enjoy the complements you deserve them x
Lucy, first of all - YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Fantastic!!! WELL DONE!! :D :D :D

I love ALL the outfits, but for a BBQ, I would choose the zig-zag stripe dress. The first dress is gorgeous on you - but maybe to dressy for a BBQ? The zig zag looks great and is fun. The third outfit - love it - but not enough skin for a BBQ :D

You go girl - you look marvelous - your friends will be gobsmacked! :D


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Ah, thanks so much BL - and all, I can't tell you how you've touched me today with your compliments, I am absolutely flying right now! :D
Thanks again xxxx

By the way - I'm (probably!!) going for the zigzag dress for the party - going to wear the tunic and leggings this Sat as off to see Oasis, and I'll just have to find another event for the other dress!!!! :D


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Well you make sure it's a good, special occasion when you do because it's a real WOW on you!!

Have the best time at the barbie and knock their socks off.


dancing queen ;)
i really like the first jn one on you, but you seem more comfortable in the ziggyzaggy one, so i think you made the right decision. :)

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