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hope ive not messed my first wk up,pls help


To be honest I don't know how many ProPoints but would guess at 8? I am sure though that it is not going to mess up your weigh in. Have you used all your weekly allowance?
Heres a few pork pie PP values hon (I'm sure you havent messed up, dont fret)

Ginsters pork pie (140g) is 14pp
Sainburys mini pork pie (65g) is 8pp
Asdas snack pork pie (70g) is 6pp
Walls pork pie (65g) is 7pp
Pork Farms Snack Pork Pies (80g) is 9PPs

Hope this helps x
Aww thanks to u both I was dreading first wi on Monday . I've got 18 weeklies left but wasn't sure wat to put it down as because I wasnt sure where it was from. All I know is it wasn't a tiny one but wasn't massive I think it was a pack of 4. You,ve both put my mind at rest thanks again.I think I panicked coz wen I was with sw they were really high .not worries bout Monday now xx
That's the glory of WW lol. Eating whatever you want, just in the correct portions! Panic over hehe! Good luck for first WI hon x

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