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Hope to start sole source today

Hi All
I am new to this site and it looks fab, the weight loss is certainly an inspiration, you have all done so well. :)
I am hoping to start my sole source later today after seeing my doc as bmi 43. Ideally I need to lose 8 stone. I would be happy if I could get my bmi down to below 30 to start with and my dress size shrink to a 16 to 18.
I know everyone is different but how quick can I expect to lose about 4 stone?
Is it true the more you weigh the quicker the weight comes off?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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hi hi!welcome to our world!i started at 18 stones 10...oops.im 5 foot 7 and 9 weeks later im 15 stone 13 3 more lbs and its 3 stone and i havent even been on it 3 months. they say bout a stone a month!u cud lose 4 stones in about 3 months. my losses have started slowing down but they start off crazy. as i said before amount for 4 stones should be longest at 4 months could be less. u really need to focus on drinkin a lot of water, thats a BIG factor of losing weight on this diet. it will be hard but wat is 6 months of ur life!if we wud have carried on the way we was then we probably would have lost more than 6 months of our life being overweight!

good look girly

keep us posted on how your doin.join my christmas diet.i want another 4 stone off by xmas well to lose 5 and a half stone in total. wanna lose more than tha at the end of the day but i set my self a challenge!and i will do it!ive got 43 lbs to go!

tina xxx
Hi Loobe

I am restarting today on Sole source after 6 weeks off. I went on holiday at the end of July and got into the eating habit again, sadly not eating too healthily either.

I am starting a six week challenge now, to lose all I have gained and a bit more.

I havent weighed myself yet, will do that later.

I have brought a bottle of water with me into work which I will keep refilling and then I am going to have my packs in the evening when I get home.

I used to spread them throughout the day in the past but I havent managed to make a smooth shake at work and hate the bits...

Anyway..today is also the first day of my TOTM...so it will be interesting to see if that hinders or helps my first day on SS

If you want to email me at work Loobe to help motivation (as we are both starting together)...my email is [email protected]

Good luck...we can do this

Hi loobe and welcome

I have been on CD for a week now and after only 3 days I had lost 6 1/2 lbs. I am so chuffed. I wont get weighed now for a week and half as I changed my weigh date and I dont want to be let down by weighing one week and finding I havent lost anything.
You need to drink lots though.
Good Luck and we look forward to hearing great results.
We will be here to keep you motivated.

Choc xx
Welcome Loobe
I'm trying 'another' restart again today with around 7st to lose. The diet is easier first time around so my advice is NOT to get side-tracked for ANY reason. Drink loads of water - it makes a big difference.

Good luck :)


Silver Member
Cambridge say a stone a month, though everyone is differnet like you say. I have lost 64lb (6lb off 5 stone) in 10 weeks. I had 12.5 stone to lose though which may be part of the reason why i have had such good losess.

Good luck loobe, stick with it and you wont be disappointed, Cambridge is fab! :D

Thanks for the welcome and words of support.
The doc said ok saw cdc and got my packs and just had my first sachet. Getting the taste for weak black tea so don't quite quite feel as though I am missing out on my cuppa.
Good luck to you all with your own weight loss or maintenance.

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