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Hoping to start CD soon.

Hi everyone. I have been thinking of Cambridge for a couple weeks and found a counsellor near me but have to wait on getting the form signed by my doctor.

I have been on a couple of the other boards but I have not found a method I can live with so far! :D I was on LL last year and lost 4st, stopped going to the meetings for various reasons, didn't know how to refeed and ended up going off the rails. As a result I've piled the weight back on and I'm so disappointed in myself, the most I ever gained in a year in the past was about a stone.

I have loads of weight to lose and it seems very daunting. Then I read all these great stories on here and see the pics and I think 'Well, it is possible'. I saw Bunny's pics there now and was amazed.

So I hope to be joining you soon and I hope I have found the right method for me, at last!
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I can do this.
Hi and wellcome to cd, hope ur journey to slimville is a quick one. Good luck.
Hello Lyn - and WELCOME :D

look forward to getting to know you and sharing your success on Cambridge !!


Debz xx
Thanks.:) I have a week or so to prepare myself and will be stepping gradually into SS so it hopefully won't be such a shock to the system.:D Just have to stay positive and remind myself of why I want to do this. I've made out a list and am going to read it every day, several times if need be! :rotflmao:

Lyn xx
Hi Lyn, welcome. I think you have made the right decision to start CD and i am sure you will have great success on it, especailly since you did so well with LL.

I know how you feel about gaining weight. I gained about 2-3 stones in less than a year :( because of medication side effects and i felt miserable. But with CD i have lost it all and still losing and i feel great :D.

You will love it here because you will get all the support you need and everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I dont think i would have done so well on the diet without the support i got from minimins.

Best of luck with the diet and i look forward to seeing you around :) xx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi Lyn

Welcome to CD & to minimins, this is a great place to be. Very supportive & an extremely nice bunch of people. Look forward to reading your posts & hearing you shrink, good luck....xxx


Fed up of being fat
Hi Lyn and welcome!!
I have been cutting down on my carb intake since Tuesday and hunger is subsiding. I have lost 7lbs since 17th July. My first loss since October, yay!
Hiya Lyn

I lost a similar amount of weight a couple of years ago on Cambridge.

It seem daunting at the start but the journey is so quick that you will suddenly be thinking about how to maintain your new slinky look.

Go for it these first few weeks and good luck.

Thanks Icemoose. I remember reading in your siggy you'd lost 12st, that's so cool. Even more so as you have maintained so long.:) How long did it take you?

I am nervous about eventually SSing and had been thinking of 790 or something then thought maybe too much temptation but will discuss with cdc.
Well the consultant I saw last Mon was a complete cow and not just about CD. She sent me to dietician who said wanted to take home the info I received and study it, then she'd ring me. Weds and Thurs there were 2 calls I missed and no message on answer machine then typically today when I am at home no calls. I think it was her and I can't ring her back cos the clinic is only on Mondays and I didn't even catch her name! Had to turn on the waterworks to try and show how how fed up I am before I went into her office and I can't remember who she said she was.

I'll just have to hope she rings again or writes to me but I have a feeling she will do everything she can to prove how 'bad' CD is.:( The good news is I have another 2lbs off and am determinded to keep going.



Serial Foodie!
ur bmi is almost at 40...i dont think u need docs sig once u r under bmi40... not sure tho. hopefully you'll hear something soon. congrats on the 9lb :)
Well I saw the dietician at the hospital this afternoon. I can start next week soon as the form is signed (hopefully Monday) and posted back to me.

So, hooray! :D
That's great news Lyn, you will still be on your way to the new you!


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